Attend to many events in the new Arkea Arena Floirac auditorium. Fly into London. Paris to Interlaken via the ICE train for 6 hours. Maybe 2 nights?? Here’s what I recommend: En route to coastal Florence, make sure you stop by Pisa even if it’s only for a few hours so you can snap a photo with the famous leaning tour of Pisa. All rights reserved. Driving through Prague, Belgium, and Germany (with a finale stop at Oktoberfest!). When you've already booked your airfare, the next thing you will have to work on your Europe itinerary 3 weeks is where you are going to spend your nights while you're traveling. Where else to begin but London (1) – one of the world’s greatest but most expensive cities. Can I get some advice on my Itinerary so far? Either way, we’re sure you’ll love this 3-week Winter in Europe travel itinerary. Get exclusive access to members only deals by email. London to Paris via the Eurostar train in just 2 hours. Our partners include. Wherever you dream of visiting on your trip, there’s a Europe itinerary for you! While you can buy one that will work for an entire month every single day, bear in mind that you probably are not going to take a train every day. As discussed, the ideal short period for a Central Europe itinerary is 2 weeks. We want to surprise the kids with a trip to Europe but we only have approx. Queenie is a Sydney-based travel enthusiast. © 2017 Voila Travels, All rights reserved | Site by, The Ultimate 3 Week Europe Travel Itinerary You’ll Want to Copy, Check out more things to do in London here, Click Here To Download The Travel Itinerary Template, Click Here To Book The Ultimate Europe Trip, How to Create a Travel Itinerary Map With Google Maps, Top 7 Hidden Sydney Attractions You Must See, The Ultimate Travel Checklist You Need In Your Life. We will spend 4 days in Vienna, 3 days in Budapest, 3 days in Prague, 4 days in Munich, 3 days in Venice, 3 days in Florence, and 4 days in Rome. Hopefully, this 3-Week Eastern Europe Itinerary helped you plan an amazing trip to Eastern Europe! Thorn Tree forum Country forums Western Europe. World-renowned Budapest. Voila Travels is a hub of travel tips and advice, inspiration, itineraries and travel events. Discover the full itinerary here: Winter Getaway. Maybe 6 -7 nights. To follow this 3-week Europe itinerary you don’t necessarily HAVE to be doing it as part of an interrail trip. Prague, Czech Republic. 2 weeks in Europe for Foodies. June 21-July 16. Train to Brussels, Belgium. Our itinerary visits 13 cities in 5 countries – Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. Last reply was Tue, 10 May 2016 20:57:10 +0000. For a Europe trip itinerary 4 weeks is a great amount of time to explore the continent, so most people opt for a month-long interrail pass. Does your ideal Europe itinerary include a visit to the Eiffel Tower, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, and the Colosseum in Rome? But we're not sure exactly the best way to do this itinerary, or if it is even the best itinerary. Now you’re in the city famous for it’s historical artefacts and art. Each provides opportunities to be wowed by scenery, ancient history, cuisine and unique culture. Suggested Itineraries. Check out these itineraries below for budget-friendly tours that span some of the continent’s most famous sights and cities.ITINERARY 1, Travelling with the kids in tow? Here’s what I recommend you do in London: Check out more things to do in London here. Which shaped up to be a mighty fine Europe itinerary for beer drinkers…. I went all in and did three weeks in Europe by car. After all, Europe is full of amazing countries, cities, and natural wonder, and backpacking across this vast continent can be challenging in the sense that you might end up missing out on some gems. Europe By Rail in 25 Days: Costs & Itinerary. Delphi is located a 3h15 drive from Olympia, but don’t worry: during your journey, you will have time to enjoy amazing landscapes and a few stops in beautiful towns! 3 weeks. Copyright © TourRadar. Day1: Fly into Madrid with maybe a little sightseeing late in the day. It's made for independent travelers who want to shape their own Europe itinerary. While your wallet is still intact move on to the storied grounds of Oxford (2) before heading to Snowdonia (3), where the Welsh mountains provide excellent hiking.Soak up some history in the medieval streets of York (4), then make the trip north to stunning Edinburgh (5). I've done quite a bit of research and this is the itinerary that I've decided on. I'd love input as this is our first time in Europe, any advice or things you might do differently would be wonderful! Planning the travel between cities and booking accommodation for your Europe trip can be tricky and time-consuming. Find your inner Braveheart in the Scottish Highlands (6) and fit in an unf… 2 - 3 Weeks Itinerary In Germany. It's an active 3 Week Europe Itinerary that will take you through 4 countries and at least 8 cities. Europe is always a great idea, and if you have ten days for a family getaway then it's perfect! It’s a link to the best, all-inclusive guided tour that takes you from London to Budapest, and all the places mentioned above for just $2700 AUD. Here are your travel options: Ooh-la-la, now you’ve arrived in the city of love and beautiful girls with fluttering false lashes… Paris. It works either way, just be sure to calculate your own time between destinations and factor that in. In this travel itinerary, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Berlin (4 days) - Head to the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag building before knuckling down with some pork at one of the city’s many beer gardens. These four different routes are the ideal itineraries to follow if you want to explore a number of countries in cities in this period of time. And there’s no shortage of stuff to do in London. Your Europe travel itinerary kicks off in beautiful London. We want to surprise the kids with a trip to Europe but we only have approx. Let’s jump into the Europe itinerary 4 weeks ideas! 2 Weeks in Europe Itinerary: Paris, London, Amsterdam. The cost is around €90 pp. Like, there's no Italy and it kind of kills me to get all the way to Europe and not see Italy. In this travel itinerary, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Drive from London to Paris by car for 6 hours. Hi Folks, All suggestions and advice appreciated. Venice, the city where people’s preferred method of transport is a gondola along the canals. So without further adieu, here it is…. Contact us now to have all of your tour-related questions answered! Take the train from Rome to Tuscany in just 1 hour and 40 minutes. Via She travels to 10 new countries per year. Wave goodbye to Eastern European adventures and begin your journey home. While you’re here, make sure you go to the: So there you have it, the ultimate 3 week Europe trip. In this 3 Week Central Europe Itinerary, we're covering countries & cities that offer an immersive travel experience. Take a look at our popular 5 week + routes below – but remember each can be customised. It is tempting to cram it all in, but resist. Our classic, three-week Best of Europe tour packs more travel thrills into a single vacation than you can imagine. Mediterranean cruises usually start at 7 nights but can go up to 3 weeks, which can provide an amazing tour of the entire region without having to pack and repack your bags more than once. 1 week in Europe: Central European beauty. London really is exquisite during this time of year – the air is crisp and cool and people are preparing for Christmas. You'll receive a welcome email soon. Europe really does have everything – from beautiful historical monuments and spectacular architecture to scenic natural views and snow-capped mountains. There are many other amazing cities and countries you could visit in Eastern Europe, but this four week Eastern Europe itinerary really worked well for us. 1 week in Europe: Central European beauty. Independent Europe Itineraries. Can I get some advice on my Itinerary so far? Perhaps this is your first time traveling to Europe, or maybe you’ve been before but would like to see it again with fresh eyes. In each destination you have the freedom to make your own plans. [et_bloom_inline optin_id=”optin_3″] #1: Frankfurt (2) → Munich(3)→ Füssen (2)→ Verona(2)→ Venice(4)→ Florence(4)→ Amalfi(3)→ Positano (1)→Pompeii (3)→Rome(7) This itinerary starts in Frankfurt, Germany and ends in Rome. You definitely need at least three days there. Looking for the perfect way to spend three weeks in Europe? There are a ton of things to do in Paris, here are my favourite things to do: Interlaken is a scenic little town in the Swiss Alps. Jump to bottom. You have excellent train, bus and plane connections between all three. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of travelling across Great Britain and Ireland? Enjoy a day-trip to beautiful Cinque Terre and take a look at the stunning coloured houses overlooking the stunning Italian coastline. Okay, you have 3 weeks so here is a quick attempt at a workable itinerary for you. Spend 6 weeks on the Mediterranean, or backpack your way from West to East on a whistle-stop tour of everything Europe has to offer. We live in Brisbane so will be departing from there. Europe - 3 weeks in Portugal - Itinerary too ambitious? I hope you enjoyed it! If you said “yes” to either of these scenarios, the itineraries below are for you!ITINERARY 1, Want to explore the best of Eastern Europe? Now I would like to plan a daily itinerary and thinking of adding possible day trips from those locations that would be must sees. Maybe 2 nights?? At the end of day 3, make your way from London to Paris. One to find your bearings and two for sightseeing and having a bit of a wander around. Central Europe Itinerary: 2 Weeks. 3 weeks Europe Itinerary: South of France, Cinque Terre and Sicily My 10 Day Itinerary to Croatia 3 weeks in Europe isn’t nearly enough. Visit the best things to do and local restaurants in Europe! We live in Brisbane so will be departing from there. Maybe 6 -7 nights. - I need advice if my itinerary is “too ambitious” and I have a few questions to ask. That's where you travel geniuses come in. Day 2-3: Madrid Day 4: day trip to Toledo (or consider Segovia instead) Day 5: Travel to Barcelona. There are overnight trains between Lisbon and Madrid that run daily, departing at 11:34 p.m. and arriving in Madrid at 8:40 a.m. Also, there are direct flights, trains, or busses from Madrid to Barcelona. Here’s your last destination! We are a family of 5 with 3 x 11 year olds. Take a 1.25 hour flight for around €60 (your fastest option). Drop a comment below with what you did on your trip. There’s plenty of things to do here, so you definitely won’t get bored. Enter custom title (optional) This topic is locked. Either way, we’re sure you’ll love this 3-week Winter in Europe travel itinerary. There are cities where it's better to only spend a … The best train pass to use to follow this itinerary is the Eurail Global Pass. Suggested Itineraries. Hi all, my partner and I will be travelling in Europe for a little over three weeks; flying into Amsterdam on September 4th and flying out of Dublin on September 27th. Fly into London. Europe is a fantastic family-friendly destination, and the itineraries below will take you to a range of incredible countries the whole crew will love — from France to Italy and Switzerland. Even better? Save up to 50% on tours! Yes, Europe is typically done by train. travel itineraries for your perfect 3 weeks in Eastern Europe, backpacking itineraries for 3 weeks in Europe. We are a family of 5 with 3 x 11 year olds. Cross the city and its suburbs thanks to the network of tramways, bikes and buses of Bordeaux. They also can provide excellent value, especially compared to the price of taking trains or flights and finding new hotels in every destination. Here you can enjoy the spectacular snow capped mountain views the Swiss Alps are famous for. I have friends near to Amberg where I lived. Train to Brussels, Belgium. Three weeks gives you enough time to spend 2 nights in all these famous cities. But three weeks isn't a lot of time and we have to make decisions. Itinerary highlights ... 3 weeks in Europe: Famous Cities. Many destinations in this region are incredibly affordable, making the perfect area to explore if you’re on a budget.ITINERARY 1, If you’re heading on a trip around Europe, the continent’s northernmost region should be at the top of your list; this is where you’ll find jaw-dropping scenery, vast expanses of remote wilderness, charming cities, and an endless amount of epic adventures to be had.ITINERARY 1. So I finally made it to Europe. From Amsterdam to Berlin, Switzerland to Italy, start planning your dream holiday across the continent with these travel itineraries below.ITINERARY 1, From Vienna to Venice, Krakow and Budapest, Central Europe is jam-packed with diverse cities, fairytale architecture, and riveting historical sites. My husband did a whirlwind European tour years ago (8 countries in 21 days) and kept saying how much better he enjoyed an independent trip. These two itineraries will take you through some of the region’s must-visit countries — including the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary — along with fairytale towns like Cesky Krumlov and historic sites such as Schonbrunn Palace.ITINERARY 1, Sticking to a budget in Europe can be challenging, but it’s definitely possible — even if you choose to visit popular destinations like London and Amsterdam. Most of the cool places to visit are concentrated in the Marienplatz area so spend a day exploring that district. Posted by Steve (Prospect, CT) on 02/01/13 06:29 PM. Itinerary 3 weeks in Europe. Thank you for signing up! First off, lets cover the cost of the rail travel. You could be driving, flying, bussing, walking… whatever. Europe really does have everything – from beautiful historical monuments and spectacular architecture to scenic natural views and snow-capped mountains. ITINERARY 1, Covering must-see capital cities and legendary landmarks, you’ll tick off some major bucket list items on a backpacking trip around Europe. Safety: Europe is generally safe, but somehow people do strange things when traveling. 3 weeks. By submitting this form, I agree to the TourRadar. Munich, Germany (3 Nights) Munich is the capital city of Bavaria, home to centuries-old buildings and its unique Bavarian heritage where the cliche culture you see portrayed in movies are from. Our team of experienced tour specialists have travelled to hundreds of countries around the globe and have decades of first-hand travel experience to share. Depending on where you flew into, you may need to use this day to reposition yourself for your flight home. Free time to wander the streets of Austria’s capital, with its grand buildings, spectacular gardens, museums and palaces. Book a flight for 8.5 hours (cheapest and easiest option). 2 weeks in Europe for Foodies. Go for a walk in the street Sainte-Catherine de Bordeaux, the biggest pedestrian street of Europe. We used a rail pass that allowed 10 days of travel in 22 and if you don’t want the hassle of booking each train individually then you’ll want to pick yourself up one of these. After 3 days in Peloponnese, it’s time to go to Delphi to continue this 3-weeks in Greece itinerary. If you’d like to do the Ultimate 3 Week Europe Trip on a budget, without the hassle of planning travel and booking accommodation, click the button below. Compare more backpacking itineraries for 3 weeks in Europe on TourRadar. Whether you want to visit iconic destinations like Paris, London, and Rome, travel by train through the continent’s scenic rural regions, or explore the very best of Eastern Europe, we’ve got a travel itinerary here to suit your unique preferences and tastes. Drive from Paris to Interlaken for 6.5 hours. I lived in Germany for 5 years visited Munich, Nerumberg, Koln, Dauchau, Wutzberg, Colberg, ..Ok you get the picture. Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks: Spend your 21 days in the beautiful countries of Europe with this 3 weeks in Europe itinerary. 3 weeks; 1 week; 2 weeks; 10 days; Ideas; Discover Europe with a ten-day trip itinerary. Next Stop on our 3 week interrail itinerary is Berlin in Germany Berlin is one BIG city. 3 weeks in Europe, itinerary help.
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