How to build a datepicker with Angular, Bulma and Moment.js (part 1) Giovanni Chiodi. The moment of inertia of a sphere that is hollow, where M is the mass and R is the radius. This page will walk through Angular Material Datepicker using moment.js. Therefor it is not correct to import it in your angular2 application. 1) The moment of inertia of a solid disc is , where M is the mass of the disc, and R is the radius. moment is a third party global resource. ... makes it difficult for a torque to change the angular velocity. Contribute to urish/ngx-moment development by creating an account on GitHub. Basic Moment Usage. The moment object lives on window in the browser. Angular material provides MatMomentDateModule API that uses moment.js to create Datepicker. Angular momentum may be formulated equivalently as the product of I, the moment of inertia, and ω, the angular velocity, of a rotating body or system, or simply Iω. is the symbol for angular momentum, is the moment of inertia, and is the angular velocity. Therefore, if the moment of inertia, , is halved, then for the angular momentum, , to remain constant, the angular velocity, , must be doubled. declare var moment: any; Instead include the