Shelley (1993) Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks Under the Microscope. Winter (2001) An Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology. Oxford: Pergamon. Foliation is caused by recrystallization under directed (compressional) stress. Texture Rock Name Diagnostic Features ... SCORIA is a vesicular igneous rock of fine or glassy texture, usually of basaltic composition. Texture: Metamorphic rocks may have either foliated (layered) or non-foliated texture. Foliation can occur in both igneous and metamorphic rocks (this section will only focus on foliation in metamorphic rocks). Show a picture of the rock cycle bef ore beginning this unit. Analysis of Deformed Rocks Figure 23 -45. Miyashiro A. Metamorphic Scheme ESRT pg.7. Evolotion of metamorphic belts. (1969). 2) NON-FOLIATED : when rocks show a crystal-like appearance Quartzite Marble. (1961). [This is a book that presents all the [This paper presents the foundation for the recognition of metamorphic rocks in the various tectonic settings.] This chapter describes different types of textures … Igneous Metamorphic. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Illustrate how the three different types of rocks can change into another type of rock. Journal of Petrology, 2, 277–311. Foliation in metamorphic rocks occurs when the … Foliated Rock Textures Foliation is broadly defined as any planar arrangement of mineral grains or structural features in a rock. TEXTURE 1)FOLIATED a) Mineral Alignment: alignment of mineral crystals. How do we identify Metamorphic rocks? Metamorphic rocks are the most difficu lt to understand and to identify. Graphical analysis of the relationships between deformation (D), metamorphism (M), mineral growth, and textures in the rock illustrated in Fig ure 23 -44. Metamorphic textures Texture refers to the size, shape, and arrangement of grains within a rock Foliation – any planar arrangement of mineral grains or structural features within a rock Examples of foliation – Parallel alignment of platy and/or elongated minerals Metamorphic Rocks All of the rocks listed below occur in Michigan. petrogenetic principles of metamorphic rocks.] Although metamorphic rocks are forming today, it … Spry A. Textures of metamorphic rocks • Excess energy present in deformed crystals (elastic), twins, surface free energy • Growth of new grains leads to decreasing free energy –release elastic energy, reduce surface to volume ratio (increase grains size, exception occurs in zones of intense shearing where a number of nuclei are formed). Some gas grill manufacturers use scoria above the burners. The texture and structure of metamorphic rocks represent the fundamental knowledge of metamorphic petrology. Metamorphic Texture, 348 pp. Chapman and Hall. Foliated texture is a pervasive layering caused by compositional layering or by the parallel orientation of platy (e.g, mica) or elongate (e.g., amphibole) mineral grains. Metamorphic Rocks • Metamorphic rocks are classified on the basis of texture and composition (either mineralogical or chemical) • Unlike igneous rocks, which have been plagued by a proliferation of local and specific names, metamorphic rock names are surprisingly simple and flexible • May choose some prefix-type modifiers to attach b) Banding rocks show alternating bands of light and dark color Gneiss.
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