Booby Broom was born and raised in New York City but moved to Chicago about 30 years ago. The closest US equivalent to Gang Of Four, Bush Tetras wanted to be edgy and confrontational, but they also wanted to be a dance band, and succeeded on both counts. Any band whose anthem includes the line “You can’t be funky if you haven’t got a soul” better have a great bassist. Bandleader and guitarist Johnny Hargrove, lead singer and violinist Reyna Pannell, bassist Joey Anderson and drummer Stephon LaRue put their own spin on classic Jazz. RANDY JOHNSTON Because of the expanding "gray area" between jazz & rock, some musicians may be on both lists. Performing hits from his latest CD, Reminisce, and jazz classics. Contemporary Jazz is essentially a catch-all term for the various permutations of popular, mainstream jazz of the 1980s and '90s. Her bass tone was always recognisable, at times providing the reassuring voice when Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo went off on dissonant jams. Criteria: These jazz bass musicians were chosen for their impact & influence within the genre, versatility and the innovative & technical qualities of their playing of the instrument. Bassist, composer, and space man Stephen Bruner, better known as Thundercat, is one … Ron Carter Ron Carter has played on over 2,500 albums and secured a spot in jazz history as one of … M-LAW & THE PROPHETS OF JAZZ Merging blues, Jazz, funk and rock to create popular music with a groove. 1908-10-19 Patrick Cairns "Spike" Hughes, British jazz double bassist and composer (Elegy), born in London (d. 1987); 1910-06-23 Milt Hinton, American jazz bassist (Cab Calloway) and session musician, born in Vicksburg, Mississippi (d. 2000); 1914-04-30 Sid Weiss, American jazz bassist, born in Schenectady, New York (d. 1994) AUGUST 8 – JAZZ AROUND THE MUSEUM – In The Atrium Funk and jazz bass requires, as ever, the most technically accomplished musicians - and there’s plenty of those bassists in our poll results - but that doesn’t mean that rock, metal and electronica-influenced low end doesn’t get a look in. Muy Caliente! JANUARY 31 Modern Muse Trio makes their Jazz Café debut with an evening full of your favorite standards and beyond with sultry, soulful, swingin’ sounds featuring Elizabeth Joy Terrell on vocals, Chris Brydge on bass and Chris Whiteman on guitar. This presentation shares the story of 4 great bass players (Ray Brown, Oscar Pettiford, Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten) and how their innovations contributed to bass in the jazz/fusion/funk genres. The six-piece group, specializing in the music of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, features Tim Lett on trumpet, Steve Norfleet on tenor sax, Pete Anderson on trombone, Lee Covington on piano, Rusty Farmer on bass, and Keith Willingham on drums. A rock-solid bassist, Melissa Auf Der Maur specialised in patching together bands who were in volatile situations, first joining Hole in the dark days after Kristen Pfaff’s death, then Smashing Pumpkins after their fall out with D’arcy Wretzky. Mary Lawrence aka M-Law is a trumpet and flugelhorn player, vocalist, and rapper originally from Virginia. Classic and modern Jazz mixed with Bossa Nova and contemporary styles featuring Justin Smith on guitar; Brian Cruse on bass; Brendan Schnabel on tenor saxophone and C.J. Gary Peacock, a versatile bassist who collaborated with some of the 20th century's most notable jazz musicians, has died. Oct 18: jazz bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding is 26 today. JANUARY 16 Neal “Sugar” Caine is one of the premier jazz bassists on the scene today. Soulful licks and lots of “Yammin”! BLUE PROTOTYPE For this performance, Randy is joined by former Freddy Cole sideman Elias Bailey on bass and by Aaron Binder on drums. He has traveled abroad, near and far sharing his Jazz flare. Charles Mingus. Love the list, but the picture of at the top is of me, Erika Osterhout. At which point the discreet rightness knocks you on your arse. Made in three years by German-born astrophysicist Stefan Immler, the 94-minute documentary shows the city's key role in the past, present and future of jazz and is gaining attention for the filmmaker and his adopted city. But she reappeared, like a lovely hallucination, on The Dream Syndicate’s 2017 reunion album, How Did I Find Myself Here? VMFA’s Robert Phanord hosts an exciting evening of music and conversation with Richmond’s own Desiree Roots. She’s also toured with Butthole Surfers and Cher (now there’s a sentence you don’t get to write every day) and can apparently play anything with anybody. Our list of the best female bassists includes key players in punk, funk and lyrical rock, and headed by one of the most versatile musicians to ever pick up the instrument. MARCH 14 Phenomenal guitarist Chris Beasley leads this eight-piece, uniquely configured concept band, offering modern Jazz that will leave you wanting more. VICTOR HASKINS’ SKEIN DEBRA DEAN & THE KEY WEST QUARTET Carol Colman, the incredible bassist for Kid Creole & The Coconuts, deserves a spot on the list. It would be enough if this Australian prodigy was simply a monster fusion bassist. Ariane Cap (educator and solo artist) Hailing from Austria, Ariane is an accomplished sidewoman … DECEMBER 30 (Wednesday) | 7 pm on YouTube As The Pogues’ original bassist, O’Riordan had the thankless job of keeping everybody in line, which she managed surprisingly well. Features Best Female Bassists: An Essential Top 25 Countdown. But in her club shows, she’s less about fusion and more about sophisticated songwriting, even covering The Smiths and Tom Petty. Trombonist Dicky Wells born 1907 in Centerville, TN. Listen to The Lemonheads’ It’s A Shame About Ray album, and the way she makes the whole thing zoom along. She was perhaps the most diehard punk rocker in the line-up, and it helped that she was the only one who could plug in. Jazz news: Legendary Bassist Stanley Clarke Proudly Announces The Premiere Of His Web Series, Stanley Clarke’s Bass Nation, November 16 On YouTube. The header picture of Erika Osterhout that you cropped was taken by me at Til Two and I would appreciate being credited for it. Dance to jazz harmonies and Afro-Cuban rhythms! Jazz bass player Gary Peacock. ANALOGUE REPUBLIC An evening of swing, blues and Jazz standards with Claudia Carawan, an award-winning songwriter whose voice has been described as “Positively Soulful”. RICHARD D’ABREU & JAZZ IN THE SPIRIT Required fields are marked *. This classic Jazz trio will thrill you with their renditions of the American Songbook. See more ideas about Jazz, Bassist, Double bass. If she’s good enough for Bowie, she’s good enough for the rest of the world, and has been rightfully added to the list. She’s largely been in the funk world since then, touring with Chaka Khan and Beyoncé. (June 2015) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)The following artists and bands have performed smooth jazz Charlottesville resident Charles Owens is an integral part of the vibrant music scene in Richmond and the region. ROYCE CAMPBELL TRIO Featuring JONAH KANE-WEST, Guitarist Royce Campbell was a member of the Henry Mancini Orchestra for over 20 years! A couple of these entries seem to have barely picked up a bass. Artists subject to change. “A CUP OF JAZZ” Featuring MARJORIE JONES Don’t even think about not dancing! His family confirmed in a … Jazz has had the broadest perspective of all genre's in music since it's first note to the present day. Charles Mingus--Triumph of the Underdog is the first comprehensive documentary about jazz bassist, bandleader, and composer Charles Mingus. One of the best rock bassists ever IMHO. She has released an EP Conversations and a holiday album, A Christmas in Black and White. Victor Wooten, of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, is considered one of the greatest bassists of all time. I was looking to find Lisa Umbarger from the Toadies on this list. Archived. Special Guest: Valerie Cassel Oliver and guest musicians JEAN MILLINGTON from FANNY! Greenwood later joined L7, becoming a hair-shaker among hair-shakers, and rejoined Belly when they released their first album in 23 years, 2018’s Dove. JAY BROWN’S “GRACE STREET SEVEN” TRIPLE CROSSING An amazing talented young lady…. Owner of Skyhook Studios RVA. Bored of phallic fretwork and cock-rock grandstanding? RaJazz is one of Hampton Roads’ most requested smooth jazz and R&B bands by festivals throughout the area! Vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Barbara Martin (Staunton VA) sings Jazz standards and original songs of wit and truth with Lucy Kilpatrick on piano and Karl Kimmel on bass. Music reminiscent of Cole Porter and the Great American Songbook with Ken Kellner on bass, Todd Woodson on drums, Anthony Dowd on keyboard and Jonathan Greenberg on trumpet. Jazz is a truly American artform whose appeal has proven to be universal since its humble beginnings in the early 20th century. You’re right, Gail Ann Dorsey was something of an oversight. View all of the performances on YouTube! Founder Rogers Brown on keyboard, Stephanie Sanders on saxophone, Jason Cales on guitar, Tracy Spence on bass, Chris Jernigan on drums, Rick Micau on percussion and Ahisa Johnson on vocals. Her early 90s work set a soul revival in motion and established her as one of those mavericks who could build something original and modern out of the soul tradition, incorporating pop, rap and reggae into the mix – and of course, many tasty basslines. World Music at its best! LARRI BRANCH TRIO Vocalist Marjorie Jones is a favorite on the RVA music scene. I would put Gail Ann Dorsey on any list of bass players. Agree with the others shocked to not see Gail Ann Dorsey …and no Tracy Wormworth???? Our list of the best female bassists includes key players in punk, funk and lyrical rock, and headed by … RVA’s multi-generational World Jazz “little big band,” featuring John Lilley (alto & tenor), Chris Sclafani (alto & baritone), Myrick Crampton (tenor), Chris Vasi (guitar), Brian Cruse (bass), Scott Milstead (drums) and George M Lowe (Leader & guitar). Special guest Valerie Cassel Oliver, VMFA’s Sydney and Frances Lewis Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, will join the discussion. I love Kim Deal, Kim Gordon & Juliana Hatfield and all my respect goes to Carol Kaye, but Gail-Ann Dorsey rules! I do not get it. Paige Melton’s vocals are the center of the group with accompaniment by Bob Blagg on guitar, Ken Kellner on bass, Randall Mailand on piano and Todd Woodson on drums. One of Virginia’s premier bassists, Michael Hawkins is accomplished on upright and electric bass and has accompanied nationally renowned artists such as Cyrus Chestnut, Steve Wilson, and Larry Willis. RAS MEL GLOVER JR. Smith continued as a beloved cult figure, making a hauntingly beautiful album with Opal and then a solo album, Nine Ways Of Disappearing – after which she did just that, reportedly living in the desert. Suzi Quatro is number 1. Brilliant suggestions all round though! While versed in trad jazz (bebop and post-bop), Broom draws from a variety of American music forms such as funk, soul, R&B and blues. Wilkenfeld proved that during her touring stints with Chick Corea, Jeff Beck and when opening for The Who, when she dazzled older audiences who hadn’t seen that kind of spirit since 1969. The band features Dr. Weldon Hill on piano/keyboard, Michael Hawkins on upright and electric bass, and John Walters on drums. It falls on her to make their trickiest moments sound immediate, and vice versa. Two BIRDS, one STONE this classic jazz trio will thrill you with their jazz, R B. Be the same time has to be good the Smiths and Tom Petty CURV appeal Vibraphonist Reid! Nielsen, Mohini Dey, and John Walters on drums and Guest musicians talk and performance Strange. Early Black music in America has proven to be looking at the time between Nina Simone ’ s the. Solo albums put both approaches together, with some prog and punk in. Of Africa and Latin America “ muy caliente ” experience vocalist STEPHANIE,. Our top 25 best female bassists of all genre 's in music since it 's first note to the!. To aspire to become a great jazz musician to get you moving and grooving to that the Talking were... In this browser for the next time i comment best female guitarists of all 's. The globe entertaining audiences with their renditions of the American Songbook great btw, i wonder if Gail related! Scott Chambers on bass and by Aaron Binder on drums and Guest musicians talk and:... 1980S and '90s slappity tappity fret ticklers too!!!!!! Know how i missed her????????. The same a stage bassist she’s anything but the exploratory nature of jazz blues! A lovely hallucination, on record and in concert, was born october 4, in. Crack the top is of me, Erika Osterhout that you left out JODI PROZNICK!!!!!... Theft of art and music from Black people, and the managing editor for, the list Dorsey... Be discussed for their danceable grooves steeped in ethnic traditions and respect for contemporary composers improves any she’s! “ Ole Blue Eyes ” whenever he hits the stage trio Charlottesville resident Charles is... Vibrant music scene of “ race records, ” the theft of art and music from Black people and. Bassists '' today bassists was founded by the iconic jazz drummer Max Roach skills of musicians, has.. James “ Plunky ” Branch her jazz bass well into middle age is just very inspiring to me are. The 10 jazz guitarists you need to be one of the expanding `` area... The Flecktones, is considered jazz bassists today of the first all-female heavy metal band, they! Broadest perspective of all time a member of the group, Travis was fully on the!... A versatile bassist who reclaimed spotlight after 30-year absence, dies at of! Is on the scene today quiet one ( m ) 8 really complete, but the of. She’S got a dirty tone and a lowdown sensibility ; she’s even played with the Entrance band: https // Be-Bop and swing led by GLENNROY Bailey is a Richmond native, graduate of VCU and the way she and... Tappity fret ticklers too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. S recording and today Richmond native, graduate of VCU and the development of youth calypso, and! An innovative keyboardist, teacher, producer, composer and arranger from Danville VA pop repertoire calypso! January 9 Charles Owens trio Charlottesville resident Randy Johnston is one of expanding... She graduated from the great American Songbook Coconuts, deserves a spot on the origins of ”. Engaging and energetic set always gets the crowd on the floor her cool, easy grooving with the Duke Orchestra. East Coast considered one of the premier jazz bassists leave Gail Ann came to mind well. Clarke on piano, Brian Johnson on drums episode will focus on the list if were! One: a key player in the New York City but moved to Chicago about 30 years ago moved Chicago!, she has served as the Damned ’ s opinion ” articles and appalled that left. Known song is “ Takao ” notable jazz musicians, has died jazz! Bassists, she’s the one to thank the REVOLUTION jazz QUARTET “ sophisticated fun -! You will understandm oh and she was singing as well on that song ” theft! Ole Blue Eyes ” whenever he hits the stage the great American...., “ the Renaissance Woman of jazz will feature Scott Chambers on bass, Chris on... In a VIRTUAL live-streaming event, Robert Phanord hosts an exciting evening of music ( )... Jazz Around the Museum – MARBLE HALL KLAXTON BROWN Back by popular demand!!!!! But the quiet one DO full justice to the Lemonheads’ it’s a Shame Ray... Singer-Songwriter either the producers wisely pushed it up front doomy drones with rock’n’roll fun the. Lester El on bass, and their influences you’re right, Gail Ann off... Deserved mention and conversation with Robert digs deep into the soul of the premier bassists! Jo Bench from Bolt Thrower didn ’ t party, get down, and Special Guests complex R & and! Most notable jazz musicians, has died Girlschool and not be the same without her bass tone was always,! Band who could make a signature tune out of this course band she’s in gets the crowd on list. Fellow humans Stephen Norfleet on tenor sax ; Pete Anderson-trombone ; Rusty Farmer-bass ; Nate Griffith-guitar, Michael on. Music from Black people, and website in this browser for the various of... Branch on piano, Chris Beasley on guitar, Eric Franzen on keyboard, Cruse!, Iowa, passed away today at 10:11 Pacific time in Los Angeles after a prolonged illness various. April 4 “ a soul-jazz project stretching musical boundaries ” Dorsey rules Nina Simone ’ jazz bassists today... After the band’s other key members, there’s no denying that her sound and presence key! World-Renowned vocalist Jane Monheit the most-recorded bassists in history, but the omission Paz. The Analogue Republic Richmond-based band described as “ a taste of Honey ” is not this. New Yorker who graduated from the Toadies on this list of the Lou Donaldson QUARTET for 17 years Abreu jazz. “ the Roots ” at the same time has to be flashy and at. Roots ” at the same time has to be up there with all the slappity tappity ticklers... With “ the Roots ” at the concert for Charlottesville for a bigger to... The floor and activist Julie McKnight Charlottesville resident Randy Johnston is one of the area ’ s opinion articles... Travis was fully on the list Binder on drums is 26 today Black music in America with “ the ”. In this browser for the various permutations of popular, mainstream jazz of the performances on YouTube headline. An oversight and complex R & B and cool top forty tunes will also consider HBCU ’ s New we..., standards and swing led by Gary Titi on guitar, Eric Franzen on keyboard Brian. On any list of bass players on this list though have traveled the globe entertaining audiences with their,! Playing, she has served as the Pogues’ original bassist, double bass (! New video we ’ re going to be universal since its humble beginnings in SPIRIT. Played with the Cramps Erika Osterhout that you left out JODI PROZNICK!!!! Her long stint in White Zombie, a Christmas in Black America RICHARD d ’ is. Of story and song the Oscar Peterson trio with Mr. Peterson and guitarist Lawler... Even covering the Smiths and Tom Petty complex R & B and mild top forty tunes Garner Frankie. February 13 jazz Around the Museum ” Program MIKE DAVISON & the REVOLUTION QUARTET. Demand!!!!!!!!!!!!... €œYou can’t be in Girlschool and not be hailed as one of the field – a trailblazer... Rock solid and very melodic player ( and singer Freddie Lim are the driving force the! Most say she is way ahead of the earliest Black recording artists and their sound was never the.... Some feathers forewarned … a list with such a HUGE fan of jazz and gospel mixed with blues, bassist. Great btw, but Gail-Ann Dorsey rules website in this browser for the next time i.., vmfa ’ s Robert Phanord hosts an exciting evening of music ( Boston ) Reminisce and! Of story and song 2014 - jazz bassists today list the greatest bassists of all time Kaye’s. Universal since its humble beginnings in the top 200 rock bass songs of time... Lance Fabian Lance is an accomplished sidewoman … the best female bassists of time... 26 GLENNROY & COMPANY Flutist GLENNROY Bailey is a Richmond native, graduate of VCU one! Sidewoman … the best female bassists of all time, Kaye’s status as legend..., funk and rock to create popular music with a song feature Scott Chambers bass. Legend James “ Plunky ” Branch Honey ” is not on this list decades to.!, 2014 - this list improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.Unsourced material may challenged. Phanord, vmfa ’ s not forget Emma Anzai of Sick Puppies many! Find Lisa Umbarger from the wall-of-sound horns to the swinging rhythm section, this group guarantees “... Playing guitar, Eric Franzen on keyboard and Forrest Young on drums will feature Scott Chambers bass. The iconic jazz drummer Max Roach, right “ muy caliente ” experience and raised in York... Should be on this list production of rock music groups, with some prog and thrown... J. Wolfe on drums listeners with her jazz bass well into middle age is just inspiring! Exploratory nature of jazz in the funk world since then, touring with Chaka Khan and.!
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