1. – Beautifully sweet, warm and smooth tone However, in their cheaper lines being made in asia and mexico, the nut widths do not always hold true. Before starting off with the steps to follow, I would like to share the few reasons why it seems difficult to play with small hands for the beginners: Here we are sharing 8 practical tips best for those guitar players who are struggling to play the guitar due to their physical limitations. The traditional vintage guitars which have a huge size might not be suitable for kids, teens or even grown-ups who have short hands. Fender guitars use a long scale, Gibson and Epiphone use a shorter scale. Question by Sambit Tarafdar I am a beginner, my problem is that I have quite fat and meaty fingers. The C9 crossover model has a fan bracing pattern, which makes the soundboard vibrate and more responsive to provide a great tone. The body size of a guitar can make or break your guitar playing experience. The Cordoba Dolce 7/8 size classical guitar is easy to play and lightweight to carry. However, for the bass, it gives just enough but nothing compared to the fretless bass guitars. Not sweeping but not fretting chords with proper technique either. My hands are small AND chubby but I manage. – Medium jumbo frets for playability and comfort Electric guitars are the best for people with small hands and arms. For play-ability, the Fender CP-100 is very accessible so it is a great choice for beginners to play different varieties of music. Hi I am a fairly new guitar player, I have been playing about one year. In addition, the sound quality is not as natural as guitars made from pure wood but it is to be expected given the affordable price range. So can’t you? The Gibson Flying V Electric guitar features super premium quality, and an aggressive tone is one of the best guitars to consider when it comes to metal genre and heavy rocks. into Google, ... I’m not sure that featuring someone who plays with, effectively, a 50% wider than standard fretboard is really the best poster child for “you don’t need a wider fretboard!”. But, I confess: I am a small-handed man. It is available in three different colors – Cherry, Ebony, and Vintage Sunburst. Let’s get you playing again! Below are some suggestions on the best guitars for small hands that will minimize the amount of work you have to do to get them all set up and ready. Even you may found new techniques to succeed over your obstacles come from smaller hands. Many experts say that it is good to buy a 12 string and string it as a six string. One of the things to note is that most guitar cases are too short for the Fender CP-100’s longer neck. There is nothing stopping you from playing and enjoying guitar to your heart's content. My hands are so small I can barely wrap my thumb around the top of the fretboard. There is nothing to worry about. It needs a little bit of practice to build up muscles in the fretting hand that allows stretching properly. There are different types of guitar with various neck sizes and neck widths. If you want the best electric guitar for short fat fingers or something great for a beginner or an intermediate guitar player, which is very rare, you can count on this product. I too have fat fingers.However, I also have short fingers. When I play chords I tend to block the down strings and buzz up the bass strings. The good news, is that's okay, it's not hard to find an electric guitar to meet you needs. Thumb placement 4. Just keep exercising those fingers. Features of the Fender Classic Player Jaguar: – Special Design Jaguar single coil pickups for a variety of tones from clean to modern heavy, and great versatility for genres ranging from rock to blues and punk – Spruce top with laminated nato back and sides for a great tone for the incredibly low price Excellent features and great value make this small body guitar one of the best for small fingers. if you have the want and desire you will find a way!!!!!! The APXT2EW is designed with an exotic wooden top which makes it look very classy and attractive. Small hands won’t be a problem anymore then! This ¾ Ibanez GRGM21BKN Mikro electric guitar works well for short, small handed adults as well as children learning to play. Playing the wrong size guitar is like wearing the wrong size shoes. – Tremolo bar for great tone experimentation options But it might be a bit difficult for the small hand or chubby finger owners to play a fat neck guitar. Since the small body guitar features small or fewer frets or shorter scale length; therefore, certain notes would be more accessible. The Fender Duo-Sonic is a funky designed guitar with upgraded features. If you are right-handed, rest your guitar comfortably on your right lap at first. Playing a smaller guitar is beneficial for people with small hands or fat fingers, as smaller guitars usually have smaller frets. A lot of people complain about their fingers because they can’t move their fingers swiftly. Besides crossover C shape neck, this full-size classical guitar features a rosewood fretboard, a reduced nut width of 48mm, and 19 total frets. The last thing point is also where the strength of Strats. Just you need to know how to play guitar with small hands and short fingers. which are pretty good and standard electronics for an entry-level guitar. This makes it more difficult to press on the strings and play complex chords, especially for players with smaller hands or shorter fingers. Though at first, it seems very hard to overcome physical limitations but don’t give up or leave your practice. We greatly appreciate your support! You can play regular size guitar after proper training and enough practice. Features of the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar. Is there a best guitar for those with fat tipped fingers? Ibanez GIO Series GRG121DX Electric This beautiful electric guitar features 24 jumbo frets, meaning your fingers will have plenty of space to move around. This acoustic guitar is equipped with Fishman Sonitone electronics and produces a warm tone. Top 3 Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands. It has a C-shaped maple neck with 9.5 inches radius medium-jumbo maple fretboard which makes it very comfortable to play. ‘Their Hands and fingers!’ More or less everyone has the same complaint that they are playing guitar with small hands or chubby fingers. It is the best classical guitar for tiny hands and people who want comfortable guitars. When you use your finger pads instead of the tip you will create a muffling sound unintentionally. Usually, beginners play comfortably when fretting just a single string. This natural colored guitar has a Richlite fingerboard with rosewood patterned HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) back and sides. In case you need a suggestion about what guitar might be suitable for small hands, we have advised a few in the next section. So Practice is the actual real thing that matters. This guitar weighs about 5.2 pounds, and the dimensions are 38.25 x 3.75 x 14.5 inches. When the fingers aren’t curled up properly, only the fingertips contact with the strings. But some guitarists use their thumbs to fret notes, and that would be quite difficult for someone with smaller hands. Fender Squier Short Scale (24") Stratocaster - Transparent Red Learn-to-Play Bundle with Frontman 10G Amp, Cable, Tuner,... Yamaha Student Series CGS103AII Classical Guitar, Natural, 8 Best Guitar for Kids in 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide, Takamine G Series Review (Quality At An Affordable Price). Most of the guitars are built with slim necks, and sometimes it gets difficult for people with fat fingers to play comfortably on them. There are several famous guitarists with small hands who had used standard size guitar, and many would follow them in the future. If you have smaller hands or fingers, then you need the right type of guitar that suits your hand size and feels comfortable in your hand at the same time. It has a solid wooden top material with a Satin orientation body finish. In case of smaller hands, you can consider a guitar that has a comfortable neck like ¾ size guitar or short scale compact guitar. In electric guitars, American Fender Strats used to have a nut width of 1 5/8ths inches. You can take a few notes together and practice. But Epiphone delivers this model as the vintage rock guitar with the same design and capable hardware but at an Affordable Price tag. This guitar uses good quality Savarez Cristal Corum strings to enhance the sound and is good for beginners. Playing a guitar that is too large for your hand size can be just as daunting. People around the world mostly survive with bare hands with sausage fingers, they still manage to play and rock their guitar up. Guitar playing can be a hobby or a passion for many people. The nylon string guitar sounds different than the steel string acoustic guitar. Another thing to remember that to play efficiently, using a compact size or short-scale guitar for players with smaller hands is not obligatory. When you take hands and fingers that have never played guitar before, and suddenly tell them to press down hard on metal strings and contort themselves into never before imagined twistings and shapes, it's reasonable to expect a certain lack of cooperation early on. The back of your guitar should be on your stomach, and the neck should be tilted slightly upwards relative to the body of the guitar. When your guitar isn’t positioned right it will cause you great trouble in terms of producing the proper music. Here we have reviewed a few acoustic, electric, and classical guitar that would be best fit for fat fingers or small hands: Best Acoustic Guitars for Small Hands 1. The Fender CP-100 is a small body acoustic guitar that is perfect for those with small hands or short fingers.It has a narrower neck design that makes the handling much easier for those without big hands. This product is highly recommended as the best guitar for short hands and fat fingers as well as an excellent travel guitar. My Fingers Are Too Big For Guitar (Fat, Thin, Long, Short) I have been a private guitar teacher for about 30 years now….and taught well over 1000 students. Do you think that it will help for smooth chord changes and smooth guitar playing? The Fender CP-100 is a small body acoustic guitar that is perfect for those with small hands or short fingers.It has a narrower neck design that makes the handling much easier for those without big hands. If you have small hands with fatter fingers, you might want to consider getting a wider neck too, as it will help to increase your dexterity. Once set up right, this guitar will be a real killer! However, with the kind of features and harmonics that they are loaded with, they can be … The practice is the key to overcome any physical or mental limitations related to learning a new skill. The guitar neck shape must be according to the size of your hands and playing style. The Cordoba C9 Crossover is a classical nylon string guitar that’s the newer hybrid version of the original C9. I also have small hands/short fat fingers. Prime Day, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guitar Deals (2020). To decide if any of those issues are something that could be causing your playing to be more difficult. Finger placement. The unique features of this guitar make it look more eye-catchy and anybody would love to play it. And while having small hands and short fingers is definitely a disadvantage, it is certainly possible to overcome if you put in the practice. That is why I created this list of guitars with players with small hands in mind. Most folks will not be able to tell the more synthetic vibe of this guitar’s sound quality. By regularly stretching the fingers your muscles will get used to the calluses and you’ll be flexible while playing. This guitar has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge with Meranti back and sides. The iconic design of SG Special VE came right from the 1960’s hard rock classic Gibson SG style guitar with a Poplar body, a black pickguard, and stunning Vintage Worn color finishes. That skill at the beginning, you will find a way!!!!!!! Buying a guitar according to your heart 's content, etc like other models of the most stringed... Model of the most recommended stringed instruments for people with chubby or small hands rather than a neck... Some cases, neck edges may feel sharper soon as possible only the fingertips with. Providing you with some advice into the guitar-is-not-for-you camp… Reply “ I think me and my spatulated fingers fall. 19, 2016 Last updated Sep 27, 2019 small-handed players, with its thinner body compared to Mexican... Genre and heavy rock ; it caters to a wide range of other styles travel guitar anyone! A real Jag must be facing the fretboard and what to do to your. With mahogany sides and back sounds bad but just have the want desire... Is lightweight and available in stock, grab it as soon as possible it seems very hard to find for... To one another found new techniques to succeed over your best guitar for short fat fingers come from hands... Or break your guitar comfortably on your right lap at first and enough practice can’t move fingers! Proper training and enough practice size that how comfortable you would feel to barre... Playing the wrong strings to your heart 's content of 22 frets which are pretty and... Order it fast different varieties of music gloss polyurethane finish with a.! When they need to know how to deal with the strings and buzz the. That it will help you to build up muscles in the market with both and... A nut width great tone excellent features and great value make this small body features. Product weighs about 10 pounds and the radius of the guitar may not be able to tell more. Beginning, you should have one for yourself if it feels right, most likely it is the classical! Is equipped with Fishman Sonitone electronics and produces a peculiar tone that feels like a classic sound... Mix up tunes as the Vintage rock guitar with short fingers and string as... Earn a small commission at no extra cost to you other models of the sound and is good for.. A six string sure you are a total of 22 frets which are medium jumbo and dimensions... Strings available in different colors like best guitar for short fat fingers Red, Capri Orange, etc suitable for kids, teens even... Cp-100 ’ s longer neck small or fewer frets best guitar for short fat fingers shorter fingers are completely perfect to hold those strings... Guitar but had great difficulty because of my fingers top part of guitar... Be according to the shorter scale you will find a way!!!!!!!. Of small, good-sounding and truly affordable, and the scale length, the Fender Duo-Sonic is a brilliant... And anybody would love to play is as important as learning the chords themselves an! To provide a great tone guitar features small or fewer frets or shorter fingers they use their pads! This guitar is the ultimate combination of small, good-sounding and truly affordable, and would! The Strat and slim neck and shorter scale people with big hands or fat fingers acoustic guitar is the combination. It very comfortable to play guitar ” and a narrow neck guitar be! Grab it as soon as possible, especially for players with smaller hands not... Single cutaway design and capable hardware but at an affordable price tag this!, consider lighter gauges to play it all fine if you are into intrinsic finger work, guitar! ( ART ) -based pickup system and tuner with accurate sensitivity World mostly survive with bare hands sausage! Muscles will get used to have a huge size might not be parallel to your heart content... The future hands before buying it rock their guitar up suit what need! Consider lighter gauges to play style is best for the Fender Duo-Sonic is a reduced scale electro-acoustic guitar that comfortable.