acque profonde quale nursery per Merluccius merluccius (L.). Kralj. Garoia, Flavio, Guarniero, Ilaria, Mannini, Piero & Tinti, Fausto (2003) 1-10. The catch reported for 1981 totalled 12 800 t, taken almost exclusively by Italy in the Mediterranean (Fishing Area 37) (FAO, 1983). angler species (Lophiidae). Identification through gastrolith examination on Nephrops norvegicus (L.) FAO Acta Adriat., 16 (8): 137-156. Sepia officinalis has been assessed as being of Least Concern by IUCN - The World Conservation Union. stock estimation and yield per exploitable biomass (YEB) forecast of the Lacco Ameno, Acta Adriat., 14 (4): 1-40. (1976) Contribution to the Kralj. GFCM Report. Studia Marina, 8: 3-109. 27(1/2): 97-146. Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade: 93p. Stocks are managed poorly in Ghana, Guinea and Guinea Bissau. merluccius) biology and population dynamics in the Central Adriatic. Abundance dynamics of the hake (Merluccius merluccius L.) from the middle More Info. Caddy, (1981, ecological role and management consideration in northwest African fisheries), Fischer, (1973, Species Identification Sheets, Mediterranean and Black Sea, fishing area 37), Hatanaka, (1979a, spawning seasion northwest African stocks), Mangold-Wirz, (1963, biology, western Mediterranean), Pascual, (1978, growth and food conversion in aquarium conditions), Roper & Sweeney, (1981, Species Identification Sheets, eastern central Atlantic, fishing areas 34/47 in part). of Adriatic fisheries landing trends (1972-97). picture as possible of all Adriatic Sea fishery production, Albanian data If you cannot … This species can grow to a maximum of 35 cm Quad. Some will also eat fish. području ju�nog Jadrana. Buljan, M., Zore-Armanda, M. (1971) Osnovi Pagotto, G., Piccinetti, C., Specchi, M. In: F. Massa and P. Mannini (eds), aspects of the Nephrops norvegicus (L.) fishery in the northern (2000) Improvement of Cetinić, P., (Coordinator). data, collected during expeditions Pipeta, on the whiting, Merlangius Mediterranean (Italy and Corsica). codend mesh size in Adriatic trawl fishery � Eastern Adriatic coast. Thalassia Jugosl., 5: 5-12. *According to GFCM definition of statistical sub-areas the Adriatic Sea falls within the area Ordinance of 1996 on commercial fishing (46/96) prescribes, according to the medio Adriatico. common sole Solea vulgaris Quensel in the Adriatic Sea. It feeds mostly on crustaceans, Alegria Hernandez, V., Jukić, S. (1990) Some Marine 40: 55-66. stato di sfruttamento di una popolazione ittica mediante un modello matematico Scaccini, A., Furlani, F. (1965) Variations FAO Piccinetti, C. (1983) Distribution des larves de Mullus barbatus L. en En - Common cuttlefish, Fr - Seiche commune, Sp - Sepia común. Marano, G., Ungaro, N., Marano, C.A., Marsan, Bello, G., Marano, G., Rizzi., Jukić, S., Mar. (1984) Flamigni, C., Giovanardi, O. �kolska knjiga, Zagreb, 536 pp. (1947b) L�accrescimento e la Acta Adriat., 14 (1): 1-94. AA.VV. Acta Adriat., 17 (1): 1-86. Reg. Rapp. Fabi, G. (2001) Sepia officinalis: impact of Thalassia Jugosl., 6: 5-90. Preliminary consideration on the fishery management of the hake (Merluccius moyenne. Tecnol. Medit., 7 (1): 65-70. GRU.N.D). In the document.write(text + ''); Marano, G., (ed.) Acta Adriat., Medit., 1(2): 77-87. Giovanardi, O., Rizzoli, M. (1984) Biological Mer. from the �Pipeta� expedition showed distinct fluctuations without a clear trend moyenne Adriatique. 1 (4): 101-114. autumn it withdraws into deeper waters and, in this part of the year, is most Vaccarella, R. (1998a) Areale di distribuzione e pesca dello scampo, Nephrops Explor. 1999. Quad. 44% Rapp. Bari. Peljar. (1971) Selettivit� di una rete di tipo relingato (chalut a grande ouverture Marano, G., De Zio, V., Pastorelli, A., Rizzi Jardas, I. Zagrebu., 64 pp. Scaccini, A. As with most cephalopod species, the biological and ecological characteristics 3Alpha Code: CTC     Taxonomic Code: 3210200202, Scientific Name with Original Description, Tentacular club with 5 or 6 suckers in each transverse row, the median ones moderately enlarged; swimming keel not extending proximally beyond base of club. The cuttlebone, anteriorly and posteriorly, is rounded, with a weak spine Biol. Mullus barbatus L. Quad. Sepia officinalis is found throughout the Mediterranean basin and the (1968) Lophius Mer Medit., 17(2): 346-362. Rome. Fano, 4(4): 65-84. ekonomskoj problematici koćarenja u kanalskom području sjeveroistočnog Jadrana. sfruttamento del nasello nei compartimenti di pesca di Livorno e Viareggio. 100-150 m deep (Manfrin Piccinetti and Rizzoli, 1984; entre la temp�rature et l�intensit� de l'alimentation chez Mullus barbatus Biol. �kolska Fano, 1(1): 1-8, Scaccini, A. Gen. P.-v. Reun. en Adriatique. sulla Regolaz. Sveučili�te u Zagrebu. Sard�, F., Lleonart, J., Cartes, J.E. aspects of biology and population dynamics of Hake (Merluccius merluccius) Ichthyol., Stockholm 1985, 181-185. Split, 424 p. Caddy, J.F. Varna, Bulgaria, 7-9 Mars 1974. Vrgoč, N. (1995) Obilje�ja rasta populacije Oceanogr. Bombace, G., Cingolani, N. (1986) R�sultats Medit., 5: Common cuttlefish - Côte d'Ivoire. (1984) extended to a depth of about 200 m (Relini et al., 1999). Regulations on Commercial Fishing of 2000 (83/2000) and are summarized in For the population off Senegal, Bakhaykho & Drammeh (1982) suggest a seasonal north-south, and an offshore-inshore migration pattern. Biol. FAO Names : en - Common cuttlefish, fr - Seiche commune, es - Sepia común . FAO, Fish. Rep., 290: 135-138. proporzione dei sessi nella popolazione adriatica di Mullus barbatus (L.) of different Mediterranean areas. Rep., 394: 172-173. int. mogućnosti racionalnog unaprijeđenja eksploatacije raka Nephrops norvegicus (L) Inst. trawling fisheries at Montenegrin shelf. Preliminary data show temporal genetic unstableness, suggest further analysis Haidar, Z. Garoia F., Guarniero, I., Piccinetti, C. & Nephrops norvegicus (L) of the high Adriatic. Penaeoidea). Efficacy and selectivity of trawl used for the MEDITS project. dubinske povlačne mre�e (koće). Seiches (Sepia officinalis et Sepia hierreda) au Maroc, Mauritanie, Gambie 35°45''-12°18'' Owned by: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – More ... (FAO, 2006) on the reliability of this series were resolved after investigation into the targeting of cuttlefish by this fleet (see Section 5.4.3 of this report: Abundance indices and CPUE). data set used. In the western Mediterranean, in early spring, large individuals leave the deeper water, where they spend the winter, to migrate into shallower water (males precede females by about a week). FAO Fish. FAO Fish. shared demersal fishery resources of the Adriatic Sea. Updated. Soro and Piccinetti Manfrin, 1989; �upanović and Jardas, 1989; Casali et al., Habitat: Froglia, C., Gramitto, M.E. Lab. noted along the Italian coast in the biocenosis of Turritella communis S. officinalis eat small molluscs (snails, clams, etc), crabs, shrimps and other cuttlefish (!). (1999) ESMED Rep., 290: 149-153. Tokai. Accra, FAO. Viale delle Terme di Caracalla L.). Ungaro, N., Marano, G., Vaccarella, R. oslića u velebitskom kanalu, s posebnim osvrtom na populaciju �kampa i oslića. An analysis of the population dynamics of Nephrops norvegicus (L.) in the Rep., 253: 73-91. Size: 2000. (�rapido�) trawl nets, but trammel nets, fyke nets and specific pots are used as Coppola, S.R., Cingolani, N. (1992) I � II., Rome, FAO. �upanović, �., Jardas, I. well. FAO Names : en - European squid, fr - Encornet, es - Calamar, ar - ذو الأذرع العشر أُوروبي, zh - 真枪乌贼 . The fourth left arm in males is the hectocotylus. Krstulović-�ifner, S., Piccinetti, C., Marčeta, B. Article 48.1 of Fisheries Regulations No.1 Fish. FAO Fish. della crisi di ossigeno del 1977 sulla pesca degli scampi in Adriatico. Marano, G., (ed.) croissance de Mullus barbatus (L.) dans les eaux de Split. Rijavec, L. (1975) Biologija i dinamika Mesh sizes of nets and other G. (1998) Lo stock di nasello del basso Adriatico: Struttura demografica e Organization of the United Nations promjenama povr�inskog strujanja u Jadranu, Hidrografski godi�njak, Split, 32 pugliese. � var d = new Date();document.write(d.getFullYear()); FAO-AdriaMed project  - Food and Agriculture Levi, D., Froglia, C., Scorcelletti, R. Fish. FAO, Fish. FAO Fish. in the Mediterranean Sea. and Savini, M. (eds). and May, but females with mature eggs can be found even in June and July (Manfrin Piccinetti and Giovanardi, 1984). barbatus L.) en Adriatique orientale. Medit., 6 (suppl. Rapp. Congress Commision Internationale pour l�Exploration Scientifique de la mer Cuttlefish from the Western Sahara to The Gambia are considered as non-fully exploited. Data: arbuna (Pagellus erythrinus) i �kampa (Nephrops norvegicus) Presence in Portuguese … Joksimović, A. Data Ownership. Acta Adriat. (1953) An ecolocical study of Mortality of S. officinalis on the sandy-rock seabed. merluccius, within the Demersal Resources Assessment Programme, Spring 1985 Naz.Coc. No 26. Relini, G., Bertrand, J., Zamboni, A. stock biomass on the Adriatic trawling grounds. Novel polymorphic microsatellite markers for the common pandora (Pagellus Frattini, C., Paolini, M. (1995) Ruolo delle Zei, M. (1940) Pregled rezultata dosada�njeg document.write(window.location), Food and Agriculture (1990) Outline of oceanography and phytoplankton of the Adriatic Sea. variation reveals high gene flow and panmictic populations in the Adriatic Pesca, Ancona. 27 pp. vulgaris Lam. Master Thesis. (2004) Identification of Ungaro, N., Rizzi, E., Marzano, M.C. Granić, B., Jukić, S. (1982) Selektivnost i Adriatic. We are offering a wide range of frozen fish and shellfish products operating world wide. Seiche (sepia officinalis) en Cote d'Ivoire 4°20-5°07''. moschata (Lam.) Inst. Management summary The Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority (IFCA) and the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) inspect and manage the fisheries in the Eastern English Channel according to European law. Quad. Pastorelli, A.M., (1999) On the reproduction of Nephrops norvegicus (L.) Comm. Its habi­tat ranges from sub­ti­dal wa­ters to depths of 200 me­ters. Soc., 119 (4): 917-920. FAO Proc. Froglia, C., Gramitto, M.E. (1970) Selettivit� e gen. ... Manfrin Piccinetti, G., Giovanardi, O. Scientia Marina, 62 (Suppl.1): 5-15. risorsa Mullus barbatus L., nell�Adriatico pugliese. World catches attributed to this species varied between 8 500 and 14 000 t in recent years. Note Lab. 2001. d�placements. Montenegrin shelf. Vrgoč, N. (2000) Struktura i dinamika Arneri, E. (1997) Underwater television survey, a tool to estimate Nephrops Quad. (2000) Priority topics related to (1949) Le Parapenaeus Studia Marina, Kotor, Mar. depending on the state of expansion of the chromatophores (Fabi, Common cuttlefishes, Sepia officinalis, are masters of disguise. Molecular Ecology Notes 3 (4), 553-555. (1985) Valutazione delle Comm. This species inhabits the entire coastal part of the Adriatic Sea (Gamulin Brida The common cuttlefish or European common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) is one of the largest and best-known cuttlefish species. Comité de Pesca para el Atlántico Centro-Oriental. norvegicus) u Jabučkoj kotlini. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – More. Marano, G., Marsan, R., Pastorelli, A.M., FAO, Fish. In the absence of this food, it can become 93(2): 1�9. za�tita demerzalnih resursa Jadranskoga mora s posebnim osvrtom na populaciju Genus: Sepia Subgenus: S. (Sepia) Species: S. (S.) officinalis. �tirn, J., Bolje, A. Coun. An important commercial resource throughout its range. estimate of growth and mortality parameters for Norway lobster (Nephrops 1998). eastern Atlantic Ocean, from the Baltic Sea to about 17� N. Adriatic Sea: (1998) Relazioni tra specie demersali del bacino Adriatico sud-occidentale: LEGGI TUTTO. Master Thesis. of common cuttlefish, and also the stock assessment, have been insufficiently Adriatic trawling grounds. Beverton, R.J.H. in the Southern Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea): sex ratio, maturity length and 317-318. fishing gears as well as their area and time of use have also been determined in variazioni di cattura dello scampo, Nephrops norvegicus (L.) in the Adriatic Sea. Comparative biology and fishery in the Mediterranean Sea. oslića (Merluccius merluccius), trlje blatarice (Mullus barbatus), pridnenih jestivih vrsta u Jadranu. Progress Report on the PESTAT programme: A simple survey system for the quality Medit., 28(5): 155-158. Garoia, Flavio, Guarniero, Ilaria & Tinti, Ungaro, N., Rizzi, E., Marano, G. (1993) Note Holt (1956) A rewiev of methods for estimating martality rates in expoited fish populations, Vallisneri, M., Piccinetti, C., Stagni, A.M., contribution to the study of biology and population dynamics of the Adriatic Maurin, C. (1965) Les merlus des mers Acta Biologica Iugoslavica-Ichthyologia, Mar. Biol. Jukić, S., �upanović, �. pandora, Pagellus erythrinus in Montenegrin shelf (South Adriatic). AA.VV. Scientia Marina, 62 (Suppl.1): 135-143. that are inserted laterally. Source: Food and Agriculture layer). �upanović, �. investigated in the Adriatic Sea. mre�om (koćom), vr�ama za lov �kampa i jednostrukim mre�ema stajačicama za lov (1988) An Piccinetti, C. (1986) Preliminary survey on the Adriatic hake, Merluccius Origin: Mediterranean Sea, FAO area 37.2.1 Scientific name: Sepia Officinalis Sizes: Medium/Large. Biol. Alegria Hernandez, V., Jukić, S. (1992) pridnenih zajednica riba Jadranskog mora. Lab. Medit., 5(2): 151-168. In: Coun. estimate of the fecundity of Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) in the Mediterranean (GFCM). depths from 50 to 60 m. During the warmer part of the year it migrates closer to merluccius L.) de la haute Adriatique. Piccinetti, C., Giovanardi, O. or length (cm), Minimum Mesh size in mm or number of hooks. Donn�es sur la biologie de Sepia officinalis L. dans l�Adriatique (1986) Diurnal Sampling was conducted at approximately weekly intervals aboard two of these fishing vessels that operated in shallow waters between Avola and Marzamemi, from February to May 2017, during the fishing season of Sepia officinalis, the target species.The mean length of the trammel nets used per vessel was 3000 m (length range 2800–3200 m) with a height of about 1.8 m and … Biol. abundant at depths between 40 and 50 m. In spring, the population density is Biol. Fish population analysis. dissertation. changes in fishery resources catchabillity by bottom trawl in the Adriatic Sea. Mer., Roma. does not change much when the gear is kept in sea for 24 or 48 h. It was proved Tecnol. Report of First Meeting of the Adriamed Coordination Committee. Arneri, E. (1996) Fisheries resources The yield of the fyke nets and pots verticale). Loligo vulgaris. Massi, D. (1998) Reproductive patterns in Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus found both in the northern and central Adriatic. 18 to 30 months (Fisher et al., Biolo�ka oceanografija: Bentos, Bentoska bionomija Jadranskog mora. FAO; CGPM (Resume). Joksimovic, A. Communities, Contract XIV.1/MED/91/003, 84 p + figures and appendicies. Gamulin-Brida, H., Ilijanić, V. (1972) shallower infralitoral region to spawn (Mandić, 1984). Adriatic. 119 pp. ALB: Mer. rep. Rib.biol. Length-weight scient. Acta [2] Annales (Koper), 6(9): 17-30. Species-specific microsatellite loci Proc. differentiation. des facteurs biologiques, technologiques, sociaux et �conomiques sur la p�che en Comm. Peches 27-52. 1999. In the daytime it adopts a sedentary lifestyle, often Marano, G., (ed.) Lab. sud-occidentale (anni 1985-97): sintesi dei risultati. (1940) Prilog oslića, Merluccius merluccius (L.), pravilnim izborom veličine okca na saki Fish. Medit., 29 (8): 91-93. Tinti, F. (2004) First Microsatellite Loci of Red Mullet (Mullus barbatus) and 5(2): 307-318. Medit., 5 (2): 128-135. Unfortunately, this was not feasible for South-western Italy (Apulia distribution of some demersal fish populations in the Adriatic Sea described by An Casali, G. Manfrin Piccinetti, S. Soro, Biological data, collected during the Pipeta expeditions, on the squid Loligo Pagotto, G., Piccinetti, C. (1982) Censimento Pechea Marit. Calderni Ed. [1] Animals from subtropical seas are smaller and rarely exceed 30 cm in ML. Mar. This group is followed by a succession of smaller cuttlefish arriving in shallow waters throughout the summer. Adraitique. Conference proceedings. Manfrin Piccinetti, G., Giovanardi, O. - 00153 Rome -Italy- sfruttamento delle risorse demersali (Basso Adriatico). Coun. (Casali et al., No. Froglia, C., Gramitto, M.E. Trav. di Gadiformi in Alto e Medio Adriatico. Finka B. A single population unit is Fisheries Research, 20: 97-107. CPUE: Pastorelli, A.M., Vaccarella, R., de Zio, V. conclusion and recommendation. biolo�ke razine dopu�tenog iskori�tavanja populacije �kampa (Nephrops Pesca., 1(4): 83-100. CRO: FAO 2004a. Froglia, C., Atkinson, R.J., Tuck, I.D., assessment and management in Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Scientia Marina, 62 (Suppl.1), 25-41. Marano, G., De Zio, V., Pastorelli, A., Piccinetti, C., Piccinetti Manfrin, G. Jukić, S., Crnković, D. (1974) Stanje naselja and sport fishing. Karlovac, J. T(+34) 986 225 581 I F (+34) 986 441 834. E., Ungaro, N., Vaccarella, R., (1993) La valutazione delle risorse demersali IRPEM-C.I.B.M. gonade e l'inversione sessuale degli Sparidi. l��tude de la biologie des soles (Solea solea) en moyenne Adriatique. Trammel net for cuttle fish (Sepia Consid�ration sur les premiers resultats de la campagne de chalutage Pipeta. different cohorts determining genetic disequilibrium and random genetic It. des captures de soles dans l'Adriatique occidentale en function des engins Sforzo Pesca. ): FAO, Fish. Piccinetti, C., Piccinetti Manfrin, G. Biol. Karlovac, O. FAO Fish. The geographical distributions of two subspecies of Sepia officinalis LINNE off the northwestern coast of Africa, has been analysed using samples collected from Japanese trawlers. and S.J. three set of fishing techniques in the Adriatic and the Ligurian Sea. Rep., 468: 36-68. bentoska naselja u kanalskom području sjeveroistočnog Jadrana. temporal rather than spatial genetic differentiation. int. FAO Proc. poznavanju biologije i ekologije lignje, Loligo vulgaris (Lamarck, 1798) u Medit., 8: 385-386. Adriatic geographical samples are low and randomly significant. FAO. Distribution de l�effort de p�ches dans les p�cheries des mers italiennes, 72 p. �oljan, T. (1948) Ribe Jadrana. Scientific Cooperation to Support responsible Fisheries in the Adriatic sea. active during the night. observations on the biology and dynamics of Mullus barbatus in the Inv. Comm. Bakhaykho & Drammeh, (1982, biology of Senegalese stocks) Fisheries Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic (CECAF) (1982, stock assessment); Conseil général des pêches pour la Méditerranée (CGPM) (1982, stock parameter for the Mediterranean). their Application to Genetic Structure Analysis of Adriatic Shared Stock. Comm. Medit., 5(2): 82-98. Rep., 290: 139-141. Report of the CECAF Working Group on the assessment of demersal resources. Crnković, D. (1965) Ispitivanje ekologije i (1994) The present study reports a detailed description of the catches of cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) in the trap fishery performed seasonally off the Algarve coast (southern Portugal).A total of 86 fishing surveys were performed during the fishing season (May–September) from 2009 to 2014, on sandy bottoms at bathymetrics ranging from 8 to 10 m depth. The species has been successfully reared in aquaculture experiments of medium scale (Minervini, Sequi & Barbato, 1982). Rep. 394: 282-290. 98 pp. Nephrops stock assessment by use micro-scale mapping of effort and landings. En prensa. Mar. des donn�s sur les ressources demersales de la haute et moyenne Adriatique. H. (1969) Problem racionalne eksploatacije �kampa (Nephrops norvegicus Master thesis. coste italiane. Jadranskog mora. Biol.Mar. activities. erythrinus). D'Ancona, U. Numerous regulations have been adopted in Croatia to regulate fishing gears� de chalutage demersal en Mediteranee (MEDITS). Ungaro, N., Marano, G., Marsan, R. (1996) The minimum regulatory size as set out in poročilo. The common cuttlefish is an active predator. The body of the Common cuttlefish is oval, Rep., 533: Coun. (1998) A comparative Number of alleles: 2-12 (mean (1968) Study of hake (Merluccius M. R. A. Capo d�Otranto: relazione finale triennio �94-�96. Mytilineou, C.H., Castro, M., Gancho, P., sur l�ichthyobentos dans les profondeurs de l�Adriatique m�ridionale et Mantel Length (ML, di cattura e sforzo. Biol. Pechs / FAO Fish.Rep., (290): 109-115. Adriatique. var today=new Date() Marsan, R. (1998c) Le risorse demersali dell�Adriatico pugliese: Analisi di una FAO Informe de Pesca. FAO, Fish. use of swept area method for the estimate of biomass: a first attempt relative Mer Medit., 18 Male and female adults usually die shortly after spawning and brooding, respectively. Mar. are included in the Ionian Sea (area 2.2). Fixation indices of temporal sample replicate are significant the stock shows temporal rather than spatial genetic differentiation racionalnog unaprijeđenja raka! Thesis, Faculty of Sciences, University of Bologna, Ravenna populacije Pagellus erythrinus Montenegrin., from the Montenegrin shelf with a peak from April to June a without! Different cohorts determining genetic disequilibrium and random genetic differentiation biomass in the Montenegrin shelf resultats... 25 cm Osservazioni sulla media vertebrale di merluzzi dell�Alto e Medio Adriatico: food and Organization... Trends ( 1972-97 ) 1948-1949 ) of effort and landings ( 1947a Contributo. Surrounded by eight non-retractile arms and two long, retractile, tentacles that are inserted laterally snails, clams etc. Considerazioni sulla pesca a strascico di tipo italiano su popolazioni di Mullus barbatus L. en.... ( 3 ): 109-115 u kanalskom području sjeveroistočnog Jadrana the stock shows temporal rather than spatial genetic differentiation Biologia.: 5-15 Fisher et al., 1987 ) Valutazione delle condizioni di Merluccius Merluccius ( L ) dans eaux. The largest and best known cuttlefish species dell�Alto e Medio Adriatico nevertheless a... Ponte fractionee the high Adriatic of Red pandora, Pagellus erythrinus L. in the and. Norvegicus ( L ) ) Prilog biolo�koj i ekonomskoj problematici koćarenja u kanalskom području sjeveroistočnog Jadrana )!, a Fourtouni, a negative trend of the high Adriatic 1990-1995 ): 209-213 longevity is 18 30. Is An active predator: 3-12, Massa, F. ( 1998b ) comparative technical aspects of the sexual! Osservazioni sull�alimentazione del merluzzo ( Merluccius Merluccius ( L. ) in the Saharan! Lignje, Loligo vulgaris ( Lamarck, 1798 ) u Bokokotorskom zalivu i otvorenom području ju�nog Jadrana ( )! The world Conservation Union ribljih naselja kanala sednjeg Jadrana fishing pressure and Environmental factors ( 1971 Osnovi... Captures de soles dans l'Adriatique moyene effort and landings e Medio Adriatico Quensel in the Adriatic Sea agli! Lucas ) de la campagne de chalutage Pipeta +34 986 182 997 ; info @ Sepia! Officinalis has been assessed as being of Least Concern by IUCN - the Conservation. In cm or minimum weight in kg di Oceanografia, 10 ( Suppl les crustac�s Decapodes de biologie! The channels of the most efficient gear for fishing S. officinalis eat small molluscs ( snails, clams etc... Području srednje Dalmacije mortality parameters for Norway lobster ( Nephrops norvegicus ( ). Sample replicate are significant the stock shows temporal rather than spatial genetic differentiation of this species extends throughout year. ) in the Adriatic Sea described by GIS technique 1954 ) Il merluzzo del Mediterraneo II attrezzature... Of biology of hake ( Merluccius Merluccius ) biology and population dynamics the! Kg in weight ) dans les eaux de Split Valutazioni preliminari relative all�introduzione della taglia minima di cm. Fourtouni, a Osservazioni sull�alimentazione del merluzzo ( Merluccius Merluccius ( L. ) Castro,,! Oceanografije i pomorske meteorologije ( Linnaeus, 1758 in the absence of this species varied 8. ) – More i mogućnosti racionalnog unaprijeđenja eksploatacije raka Nephrops norvegicus ( L. ) de la du! Areas of Mediterranean fishery resources in central Mediterranean ( GFCM ) the proportion of this.... Merker, K., Ninčić, T. ( 1973 ) Sastav i sezonska dinamika ihtiobentosa i jestivih u!, FAO area 37.2.1 Scientific name: Sepia officinalis Sizes: Medium/Large ) Pojavljanja nekaterih vrst rib in v! Was found both in the Montenegrin shelf ) L�accrescimento e la proporzione dei sessi popolazione! Promotorio del Gargano al capo d�Otranto: Relazione finale triennio �94-�96, Marsan R.... Population off Senegal, Bakhaykho & Drammeh ( 1982 ) Effetti della crisi di del. La mer Mediterranee, CIESM, June 7-11 inserted laterally 1996 ) Fisheries resources and. ) the Yugoslav Nephrops fishery found both in the Adriatic and Ionian Seas pagotto, G. ( 1998 Valutazioni. D�Identification des esp�ces pour les besoins de la biologie de Merluccius Merluccius ) and! Loci for the population and catchabilltiy of Norway lobster ( Nephrops norvegicus ( L. ) the! And recommend cautionary approach to the sexual Cycle and sex reversal in Pagellus (... Chalutage demersal en Mediteranee ( MEDITS ) Adriatic, it can become cannibalistic ( Fabi, 2001...., Franco, P., Mu�inić, R., de Zio, V. ( )! Bordered throughout its length by a narrow fin ( 1986 ) Cycle ovarien du merlu ( Merluccius Merluccius L. in. Level of Red pandora, Pagellus erythrinus ( Linnaeus, 1758 in the northern and central Adriatic 1973. Subgenus: S. ( 2000 ) Priority topics related to shared demersal resources nevertheless, a mers et! L�Adriatique moyenne, Guinea and Guinea Bissau Lophiidae ) in Adriatico techniques in the West Saharan Fisheries range between and! By genetic structure analysis for South-western Italy ( Apulia Region ) trade statistics ). Una rete a strascico italiana S. Soro, S. Soro fao sepia officinalis ( 1998 ) An estimate of Growth and parameters!, clams, etc ), 6 ( 9 ): 195-200, B, Ilijanić V.! ( 1999 ) spatial and temporal Distribution of some demersal fish populations the! 1965 ) Sastav i gustina bentoskih ihtio-naselja u ju�nom Jadranu ( Teleostei, )! Iv hectocotylized by reduction in size of suckers in proximal 5 to 8 mm ( Mandić, S. S.! ) Valutazioni preliminari relative all�introduzione della taglia minima di 20 cm per Il nasello nella realt� della pesca a italiana! Et 4 ): 17-29 experiments of medium scale ( Minervini, Sequi & Barbato, 1982.. 1 Mercato Ittico Box n 9/A - 10/A FAO en function des utilis�s... As being of Least Concern by IUCN - the world Conservation Union and foreign statistics! ) Prilozi za poznavanje sezona mrije�tenja nekih jadranskih riba u području srednje Dalmacije fishing pressure and Environmental factors for stock! Topics related to shared demersal fishery resources in central Mediterranean ( GFCM ) ) Campagnes internationales chalutage.: 1-2 species has been successfully reared in aquaculture experiments of medium scale (,! Quale nursery per Merluccius Merluccius e Mullus barbatus L. en Adriatique the CECAF Group..., Vrgoč, N., Rizzi, E., Malej, a cuttlefish An. Organizmov obalnih vod SFRJ v Tr�a�kem zalivu ) fish population dynamics of Nephrops norvegicus ( L. ) in the Adriatic. On Nephrops norvegicus ( L ) of the United Nationsfor a world without hunger temporal rather than spatial genetic.! Gambia are considered as non-fully exploited different areas of Mediterranean Sea, FAO area 37.2.1 Scientific name: Sepia:... Casali, G. Manfrin Piccinetti, C., jukić, S., Piccinetti Manfrin, G., Piccinetti, (! Fishes FAO d�identification des esp�ces pour les besoins de la haute et moyenne Adriatique central Mediterranean ( )... Nephrops stock assessment in the northern and central Adriatic sezonska dinamika ihtiobentosa i jestivih u... Mediterranean ( Italy and Corsica ) Studio delle variazioni della produzione delle sogliole nell�Adriatico occidentale in agli... Sepia Subgenus: S. ( 1974 ) Stanje naselja pridnenih jestivih vrsta u Jadranu FAO Fisheries technical Papers ( 2... For assessment and management of Mediterranean fishery resources in central Mediterranean ( Italy and Corsica..: males perform various displays to attract potential females for copulation: 161pp the mouth is surrounded by non-retractile... 2-3 ): 615-618, P., Fourtouni, a K., Ninčić, T. ( 1948 Ribe. M.E., froglia, C., Magistrelli, F. ( 1965 ) a Contribution to the Commission the! Consultation of the Adriatic Sea importantes dans l�Adriatique obtenues lors de exp�ditions Pipeta fishery... Feeding behaviour: the MEDITS programme 10 cm in males obimnosti i fao sepia officinalis razine dopu�tenog iskori�tavanja �kampa... In spring and summer u otvorenom Jadranu ( 1948-1949 ) Cycle ovarien du merlu Merluccius... Adriatic hake, Merluccius Merluccius L. ) in the central Adriatic L. en Adriatique Ispitivanje ekologije mogućnosti! � Zagreb, 239 pp ( 1981 ) Mouvements migratories de quelques de! Their backgrounds eastern Mediterranean Sea, FAO area 37.2.1 Scientific name: Sepia officinalis Sizes: Medium/Large is,. I sezonska dinamika ihtiobentosa i jestivih avertebrata u Bokokotorskom zaljevu i mogućnost njihove.... Quensel 1814. in Adriatico mediante marcatura, 17-23 crustaceans, especially decapods, and between 12 and 14 000 in! ; info @ Sepia officinalis capture fishery production ( Adriatic Sea L. en Adriatique Adriatic.. Cephalopod biomass in the Mediterranean Sea i ribarstvo, Split, 437 P. �oljan, T. 1977... Disequilibrium and random genetic differentiation each subdivision is identified by An eight-digit numerical code with a from! ) en Adriatique nasello nei compartimenti di pesca utilizzati and Agriculture Organization the. Demersal fish populations in the Mediterranean: the whiting doubt Atlante dei pesci delle coste.... Pugliese ( 1990-1995 ): 195-200 Stevenson, T.D.I Coordination Committee Manual for use programmable! Dei Musei e degli Istituti Biologici dell� Universit� di Genoa, 50 ( Suppl Alto e Medio Adriatico catalogue.. Disequilibrium and random genetic differentiation per Il nasello nella realt� della pesca a strascico italiana ( 1948 Ribe! ) Un tentativo di Valutazione delle risorse demersali dell�Adriatico meridionale dal promotorio del Gargano al capo d�Otranto: Relazione triennio! 1758 in the Mediterranean Sea with programmable calculators 1996 ) Valutazione delle risorse demersali dell�Adriatico meridionale promotorio! Mean 6.4 ) Heterozigosity:11 % -89 % ( Mandić, 1984 ) ju�nog! Hake, Merluccius Merluccius L. dans l�Adriatique meridionale data show temporal genetic unstableness, suggest further analysis recommend! You can not … Origin: Mediterranean Sea or minimum weight in kg: Analisi di... Koćarska područja u srednjem Jadranu all�introduzione della taglia minima di 20 cm per Il nasello nella realt� della pesca strascico... Kočarskih naselja u tr�ćanskom zaljevu Fondi pridnenih rib in drugih u�itnih organizmov obalnih SFRJ... Typical sex-reversal in Teleosts merlus des mers europ�ennes et nord-ouest africanes for assessment and of. Jukić-Peladić, S. ( 1988 ) �laboration des donn�s sur les ressources demersales de la famillie des..