In that way, we are a church where people can find acceptance and forgiveness and discover the depths of the Christian faith. About Us. Thanks, be to God for our 100 years of ministry on the Eastside of St. Paul. 1916: Bethany Baptist Church forms at 61st & 20th Streets in Ballard 1956: Becomes non-denominational Bethany Assembly ... By 2017, Karen and I were convinced that God was leading us to the east side of Williamsburg. Our history. Bethany’s story as a church begins 100 years ago. Eastside History . Here are some of the highlights from our community's past: Early 1900s: Our story begins around 1900, when settlers in the newly incorporated City of Ballard start a mission to the local Native Americans. Pointing people to a relevant relationship with God. 5,537 were here. The Church should welcome its children through dedications and commitment (Mat 18; Mar 10:13-16). Sixty were present for that first service and … Eastside had its roots in that first assembly of the Lord's people approximately 86 years ago. Guy Rainwater to serve as pastor. In the late 1800′s, men and women from most of the major denominations, weary of religious division and prejudice, began searching for Christian unity. Eastside Baptist Church of Atlanta was constituted in 1910 at 102 Flat Shoals Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA. We are not perfect and readily admit it, but we serve and follow Jesus Christ who is perfect. No one can have a real knowledge of a church such as Eastside without a knowledge of its history and without going back to the establishment of the church in Duncan. A special thanks to all the past and present members of the church who helped financially and spiritually establishing the success in ministry in order for us to celebrate today. Our History. As we continue our future journey of ministry on the Eastside, let us pray. The church adopted the name, Eastside Community Church, and held its first Sunday morning service on October 11, 1998, with five families present. In July 1953, it was learned that a church building at 2505 College Avenue in Terre Haute was for sale. The church of Christ at East Side is a family of believers bound together in Christian love. About Us OUR HISTORY. OUR CHURCH HISTORY. Through Walter, the core group called Rick Bourque, then pastoring a church in Portland, Oregon, to be our first pastor. When the leadership later decided that the Chapel would like to start a new church on the east side of town, Karen and I got very excited. The story of East Side Church begins well before the congregation was ever formed. Sacramentally, the Church should welcome the adult members of its body through the Christ-given invitation of baptism by immersion (Mat 3:16,28:19-20; Act 2:41,3:38-39;8,18:8). The congregation was formed with one goal in mind: to faithfully follow God and His Word. In 1945 Eastside called Rev. The Eastside Church of Christ met for the first time on June 2, 1963, at 8:00 a.m. in the building of the Park Street Church of Christ. This is in the community called Reynoldstown in East Atlanta. From 1919 until 1944 Eastside had many wonderful pastors minister in this location.
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