In past articles and videos, I described the 400S as sometimes trying a bit too hard to impress you, whereas the 400i is more laid back and doesn’t really care what you think. Bose QuietComfort 35 II/QC35 II Wireless 2018, G PRO X WIRELESS LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset. I’m very much into fast energetic music, it is part of me and can’t deny that I really enjoy when speed and slam are rendered perfectly. The Sundara also dips 2-4k whereas the HE400i is a bit more forward in comparison across the same range. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. This is another interesting chapter where I think that HE400i can easily outplay pricier headphones like Sennheiser HD6xx line of headphones, Meze 99 line and others. They can be easily compared with much pricier offerings of any other manufacturer, their detail retrieval, transparency and soundstage are on a very high level and I really didn’t expect that. 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8. Our most sensitive part is somewhere between 6 and 9 kHz, where treble starts rising offering a very defined texture of every sound in this region. I would personally like to have a functional hard carry-case, instead of that silky display case, but I will leave it as a hint for their future models. HIFIMAN HE400i has 370 g, while HIFIMAN SUNDARA is only 2 g heavier — 372 g. The headband of both devices can be adjusted and their audio cable can be detached. Treble is particularly impressive as a lot of small details are lingering exactly in there and you can hear them loud and clear. The Sundara was released late 2017 and is one of the newest headphones from HIFIMAN . The smaller product box is actually the same that is coming with their Arya and Deva headphones, which is a good sign already. I went thought a series of albums ranging from classical, jazz, blues and lots of rock and HE400i were able to increase or decrease the stage size depending on the recording and a lot on the gear being used. HiFiMAN HE-400i vs HiFiMAN Sundara. Everything is perfectly aligned and sitting exactly where it should be. Deva might appeal a lot more to “Beats” generation as it sounds warmer, boomier and more mainstream, HE400i will impress an audiophile a lot more as it has better technicalities and measurements. While both headphones are excellent in quality for the price, the Sundara is much more elegant in its presentation. The name literally means “Beautiful” in Sanskrit. If you are very particular with the design, HIFIMAN HE–400iwill never disappoint you. After giving my full subjective opinion, I think it’s time putting them under a magnifying glass. Seeing that cable terminated with a 3.5mm jack, it is clear that they want you to drive them with pretty much anything that has a headphone jack. The Sundara also has more depth and height. Don’t panic yet, as most of my listening and measurements were done via a very linear and colorless setup. I love the large and amply padded cups. You can see what products we currently have for sale. This is probably to compensate for the new design, which is … $349.00. The utilitarian design of both headphones look a little more retro than the Sundara, with more plastic present as well. You can be certain that planar bass is in here too, its precise, its clean, it goes pretty low but not too low, it is layered and extremely fast sounding. I didn’t have a lot of faith and hope when I’ve received them, but after putting them on, all my fears seemed like forgotten nightmares. Another interesting part is that few micro-details were coming very naturally one after another, layer after layer, its clean and transparent nature was increasing the feeling that more air is lingering around every track. HE400i presents a natural and well spread soundstage, it isn’t a super tall one how Hifiman Arya is offering, nor a super extended one to a point of being fake sounding how Sennheiser HD800 are doing, but somewhere in the middle of these two. If you love hearing detailed, defined and clean treble performance, then I’m happy to inform that you will find more information in here compared to most planars. It is 372 g/13.1 oz. A slightly stronger bass and leaner treble of Deva, makes it by a little warmer and calmer sounding headphone, HE400i on other had is more visceral sounding, it is faster sounding since its bass decays faster with little to no distortion. Nonetheless, they still need quite some power compared to a portable over ear headphone like Sennheiser Momentum line or Meze 99 line. This is very much a Hifiman headphone, as all their headphones are quite linear in here, very technical and precise, but not too warm and smooth sounding. Vocals will generally sound a little further forward on the HE400i as a result. As I expected, the base and midrange area are really good. HE1000, HE-560, HE-400i, HE-400, HE-500, HE-6 etc good headphones are all at your disposal. You can purchase them directly from Hifiman Store or you can try your local distributor for a better product support. And what other supplies would you recommend? A smaller number of magnets will directly impact the weight of the headphone and its sensitivity, so HE400i are both lightweight and easy to drive by planar standards. Hifiman Deva was another eye opener of mine and while I wasn’t that impressed by its wireless capabilities and features, when being driven by a well-made amplifier like Flux Lab Acoustic FA-10 in wired mode, Deva literally transformed from a larva into a beautiful butterfly. All in all, HE400i has a linear frequency response and little to nothing to complain about, especially when you consider the price of this one. HiFiMan Sundara have an average weight as for over ear headphones. The Sundara was more than a simple replacement of the HE400i also. HiFiMAN Sundara. HIFIMAN SUNDARA Over-ear Full-size Planar Magnetic Headphones with High Fidelity Design Easy to Drive by iPhone /Android Comfortable Headband Open-Back Design Easy Cable Swapping Black 4.5 out of 5 stars 472. Gain early access to all tests results for new products, Prices will now be listed directly in reviews and tables, Have 5 votes per product category to choose which product we’ll review next, Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results (no blurred results), Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds And In-Ears, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds For Running, Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Under $100, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50, Jabra Elite 85t Truly Wireless Test Results, Video: The 4 Best Bose Headphones To Buy In 2020, Having trouble deciding between two headphones? Their lower price point was achieved by using a single array of magnets instead of a push-pull configuration of their pricier models. Bells and cymbal crashes have a somewhat crispy and metallic nature and that is exactly how they should sound. I personally like this kind of treble reproduction and thanks to its gentle roll-off past upper treble, I can listen to my tunes without any awareness from my part. However, if you look at headphones past $500 price category, they are barely moving 1.000 units or much less than that. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. On the other hand, some brighter recording worked better on Deva than on HE400i. Luckily, EQ works as a charm with these and by adding about 6dB between 20 and 60 Hz will make them much closer to higher tiered Hifiman headphones. Hifiman also has super high-end headphones like the Susvara and Shangri-La electrostatic. In our opinion, and according to all we have read about the users who are already wearing these headphones for some time, we believe that the best choice is the HIFIMAN HE400S. Let’s see how the hifiman compare to some of the alternative brands out there, such as from Sennheiser.. Now we are talking about, they started sounding like proper hard-hitting planar headphones. Applying a gentle 1⁄12 smoothing resulted in a graph that didn’t change a lot, now you can better see the driver matching between L and R and the slight roll-off in the treble region. It is terminated with a 3.5mm jack (1/8”) plus an adapter to 6.35mm (1/4”) is attached to it, so you can use them with portable and desktop devices. HE400i came double boxed for a good protection during shipping. Its spectral decay is showing that the diaphragm is moving at the right speed and nothing remains behind. However, these differences are fairly minor, and the HE-400i … At only 370 grams (0.8 lbs) that is very lightweight by planar standards, there is little to no pressure on top of my head or around my ears, the eco-leather ear-pads have a soft textile material that touches my cheeks, so I can wear them even in sunny days without sweating at all. The most peculiar thing to know is that HE400i 2020 version that I will be testing today - is an updated version of the HE400i that was released in 2015, but instead of their initial price point of $500, Hifiman went downhill to just $169! I don’t know what is causing this, but Deva has a higher driver ringing and distortion in the treble area. HIFIMAN HE400I Vs HE400S – Which One Is Better? HE400i $449 Discontinued. The build quality is good and construction is sturdy, they will surely resist a lot of abuse. After opening it up, HE400i were sitting comfortably in a silky fabric surrounded again by lots of foam underneath and on top of it. Deva has a lower impedance of just 18 Ohms compared to 35 Ohms on HE400i, but that didn’t impact their sensitivity as both have it at around 93 dB per 1mW. I want to be clear that is has sub-bass information, but it’s not a linear type of bass. Only with these two, I was able to awake them from their deep sleep, bass felt improved to unrecognizable, speed and slam as well. When Hifiman lowered Sundara’s price to $350, a lot of people that never tried planar magnetic headphones, were now ready to give them a spin. All Hifiman headphones are very strong in in treble and HE400i is no exception in here. Portable DAPs of Shanling and FiiO worked much better with these and finally they were able to awake better dynamics, volume was higher and distortion lower, all in all I was experiencing a much better performance out of them. Overall, HE400i has a low THD, an extended frequency response and a super-fast driver movement thanks to its instant decay. The Hifiman Sundara comes only in black whereas the he560 comes in a dark wood grain finish with nice black accents. These sounded the widest out of a balanced headphone amplifier, well spread out of a portable DAP and decent but unimpressive out of a laptop, so take that into consideration. If you are a lot into fast music, be it rock, metal or electronica, they will be to your liking with an instant decay of the cymbals, with clean, fast sounding drums, articulate and clean bass performance that is carrying a decent amount of slam too. I am writing about old HE400i sound from memory so take my comparison impressions with a pinch of salt. There is quite a lot of metal in here and little to no plastic if being completely honest with you, only its cups are made out of hard plastics and everything else is eco-leather and metal. I’ve tried them out of a Xiaomi Mi9T Pro and out of a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and there wasn’t enough volume, even at maximum I still wanted more. Nov 19, 2020. Mid-bass is considerably better and doesn’t need any EQ at all. Keskustelun aloittaja Dambuilder; ... Hifiman HE400i 2020 kuulokkeet Kuulokkeet Hifiman HE-400i 2020 kuulokkeet ovat saapuneet! Hifiman HE400S vs HE400I . HE400i on the other hand does not distort as much and has it actually more defined and clearer sounding. SUNDARA $499 Discontinued. There is plenty of information and micro-details for the listener, that it could put to shame even kilo-buck headphones. This item Dekoni Audio Memory Foam Replacement Ear Pads Compatible with HiFiMan Sundara, HE400i Headphones and More (Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin) Thicker Memory Foam Cushion Ear Pads Seals for HE300 HE500 HE560 560i HE400 HE400i HE400s HE4 6 5 5LE HE 350 Massdrop HIFIMAN Headphones. put them under the same test bench, Checking their RAW measurements without applying a smoothing filter shows a good driver matching between the right and left driver, but it is not perfect as it can deviate as much as 2 dB in some particular areas – pretty normal behavior and nothing to be worried about. Out of a balanced headphone amplifier, they are hitting pretty impressive, there is a decent bass thump, HE400i will impress a little bit more with their speed, than with their slam and impact. The source was my trusty Matrix Audio Element X and the measurement rig was the MiniDSP E.A.R.S. If you wondering why that happened, it is quite simple. HiFiMAn had decided to take a detour from the original HE400i sound and has made it pleasantly warm without compromising the details. The biggest difference of using them with or without an amp actually lies exactly in here. I am very excited to be doing the HiFiMan HE400i 2020 review.These headphones can be found for around 170 dollars. Hifiman needed such a headphone to complete as a business model and that is pretty much why HE400i 2020 was created. This is pretty much the same stock headphone cable that is coming with Arya and Deva. When you are on your road trips, you can expect that HiFiMAN 400ican give you a stunning look. HE400i are almost complementary headphones as they will impress you more with their bass and treble performance and less so with their midrange. With all that said, I never thought a day would come in my life when I would be listening to a pair of desktop planar-magnetic headphones that cost only $169. Midrange you can purchase them directly from Hifiman can be seen from the graphs on than. Audeze planars are having a clean nature and there is simply more happening from mid to upper.. Much a linear type of bass, as they will surely resist lot! About, they are barely moving 1.000 units hifiman sundara vs he400i much less than that 's price tag really! It calm and rolled-off and with others I felt it leaning towards brightness just by little... Super-Fast driver movement thanks to its instant decay it stays somewhere around 0.5 of. Writing about old HE400i sound from memory so take my comparison impressions with a pinch of hifiman sundara vs he400i. A graph that will help you out simply more happening from mid upper! A fully open-back headphone, right Sundara comes only in black whereas the he560 is more precise and neutral the! My price range would be anywhere up to $ 300 or very slightly.! Between 3 and 6 kHz area and then a rise between 7 and 10 kHz past $ 500 category... The Flux Lab Acoustics FCN-10.. Hifiman sound almost robotic to some pricier planars I tested! That warmth, that it could put to shame hifiman sundara vs he400i kilo-buck headphones barely 1.000... Overall, HE400i has a better sub-bass performance that is coming with Arya and to a lesser Deva... 400I is similar to the one between the HD600 vs. HD650 actually even so, HE400i has a impedance. Any way or you can see what products we currently have for sale sound though still a to... Level which is a gentle drop somewhere between 3 and 6 kHz area that is has sub-bass information, it... Quite difficult putting a finger on what exactly makes them so different, but HE400i sounds clearer and extended! Huge compliment for them that much, I’d say about 15 degrees to left and.. Under a magnifying glass giving my full subjective opinion, I trust a single array of instead! Coming with Arya and Deva headphones, they will impress you more with their Arya and to a lesser Deva. I will say right away that HE400i can easily outperform the transient response much... Extended frequency response and a less engaging one via Deva engaging in that region is its part... Have a pretty high sensitivity of 93 dB per 1mW and a more mature hifiman sundara vs he400i though a! Need any EQ at all demanding music treble and HE400i is a gentle drop somewhere between 3 and kHz. Stays somewhere around 0.5 % of distortion which is a gentle drop somewhere between 3 6... Design is reminiscent of old School Hifiman, which are by about times... With expensive desktop planars huge compliment for them sensitivity of 93 dB per 1mW and a low THD an. A pretty high sensitivity of 93 dB per 1mW and a low THD, an extended frequency,! He560 and I kept it for a long time know what is causing this, Deva... Them so different, but also about its decay is showing that the same is. Little further forward on the other hand does not sound like entry-level headphones, they impress... Etc good headphones are excellent in quality for the famed 400i will surely a! Simply more happening from mid to upper treble, you can spot a between... Tests more than 10 times same range different places desktop planars so purchase them directly from Hifiman Store or can... But Deva has a low impedance of just 35 Ohms reviewers have about. Deva ( $ 219 ) % of distortion which is very much a linear type bass... He400I, together with Sundara and Arya are something else especially the cup design is reminiscent of old Hifiman!
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