It’s impossible to spell the words “bass tone” without the letters J-A-C-O. Of course, like Jaco, there were other essential elements—namely Miller’s unrivaled pocket depth and freefl owing phrasing borrowed heavily from vocalists and horn players. Cream, Disraeli Gears [Polydor, 1967] Effects Mu-Tron III Envelope Follower, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Morley Power Wah Fuzz, ESSENTIAL SIDES ESSENTIAL GEAR Some bass players believe that having the ability to adjust each Jazz Bass through two volume knobs and a master tone circuitpickup gave them more sound variations. Players of all genres, not just Jazz will also enjoy the sonic qualities of the PowerSpan Dual Coil pickups with split-coil design. Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones [Warner Bros., 1990] When you’re a low-end lord with the gift to forever change the face of bass, no standard brand of 4-string will do. After teaming up with electronics wiz Ron Wickersham in 1968, Phil—along with Jefferson Airplane bassist Jack Casady—was one of the first players to wield an electric bass with active electronics. “I loved the fuzz tone I could get from the bass [neck] pickup,” says Chris. If not for the limitations of gear in the early days of amplified music, the bass world would be a boring place. Then I tap that high note and pull off to the target note from the fret above in one quick motion.”, ESSENTIAL GEAR Because of the expanding "gray area" between jazz & rock, some musicians may be on both lists. Rig Fender Bassman Basses ’77 Fender Jazz Bass; Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass Strings LaBella flatwounds (.052–.110), ESSENTIAL SIDES In due time it would find favor with those players; spectacularly so in some cases. As with the Jazzmaster, the Jazz Bass was released and promptly ignored by jazz musicians—at first. This bass guitar sounds and plays as good as it looks thanks to the sleek, modern body curves, elegant tonewoods and versatile low-end tone. Sales. Though fans might be taken aback by such a frank assessment, we’re inclined to trust Geddy’s judgement—he’s crafted an instantly identifiable tone over the years (on record, mostly courtesy a 1972 Fender Jazz Bass), and whether he’s clanging away on his Fender, a Rickenbacker, a Wal, or a Steinberg, the biting attack and acerbic grit of his tone always cuts through. You have 2 x Volume and 1 x Tone control knobs so you can easily dial in your ideal sound and mix it up on the fly, too. Formerly the bassist with Jonathan Batiste & Stay Human. The reverse P-Bass pickup on all of his instruments and the warmth and depth of an amp also figure into his pop and punch. Sadowsky MetroLine 21 4 LTD WBTS. The Jazz Bass (or J Bass) is the second model of electric bass created by Leo Fender. In his BP October 2003 cover story, Wooten revealed a simple little tip that helped tame his tone. Squier is a great starting point for anyone wanting to get into bass due to the relatively low investment. In Stock. Strings Rotosound (light gauge black nylon) The Jazz bass shape is, of course, a very comfortable shape to play with whether you’re stood up or sitting down and iconic in its own right. With new innovations through the years, these little nuances have come into play and been part of my development.”, ESSENTIAL GEAR In his December ’97 BP cover story, Rocco explained how he first arrived at his signature throb thanks to instant chemistry with T.O.P. There are countless others of course, but these are some of the most influential players who have forged the sound of the electric bass as we know it... Perhaps no music evokes the notion of bass and bass tone like reggae and dub, and no two words are more synonymous with those plucking practices than “Family Man.”. We met in the middle and refined our concept from there. I focused on exploring the low B initially, and being conscious of not overusing it. Well, we can’t talk about the best jazz bass guitars without including A) an Ibanez, and B) a 5 string bass – that would be like listening to Rush without Geddy Lee – just silly! Mingus’ early career focused on the swing and bebop scenes of the ’40s and ’50s. Amp Millennia Media preamps; Meyer Sound cabinets The Jazz Bass featured dual single-coil pickups with two polepieces per string, giving it a brighter, more trebly tone with healthy midrange growl. Paul McCartney & Wings, Band on the Run [Apple, 1973]. Bass Player Staff People who don’t yet know if the bass is their instrument might not want to spend $500 or more on a Fender. Rig Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ head and Mesa Super 15 and 1516 cabinets You will receive a verification email shortly. “I was pretty young when I started doing sessions, so when the engineers would plug me into a direct box and ask for full volume, I’d turn the knobs on my Jazz Bass all the way up, and that became a key to my sound.”, ESSENTIAL GEAR Jaco Pastorius A fiery and muscular player, Jaco Pastorius, who passed away in 1987 at the age of 35, remains one of the most influential electric bassists in jazz. However, it’s the newly redesigned 18-volt preamp on-board that gigging musicians will appreciate as this allows you to go from smooth and clean tones to chest-rattling, thumping tone and increasing headroom at the flick of 2-Way Mini Toggle Switch. As you may have guessed from the name, this is definitely a great starting point for someone wanting to learn bass. Following in the wake of the recent Blacktop and Pawn Shop Series models, Fender has now unveiled its highly affordable Chinese-made Modern Player Series, consisting of four electric guitars and three basses. The world class, completely customisable Sandberg Bass Guitars are now in stock at PMT Online and in stores – here’s why we think they’re some of ... Good quality bass guitars don’t have to cost you a fortune – we take a look at 11 cheap bass guitars that actually sound good. Basses ’62 fretless Fender Jazz “Bass of Doom”; ’60 fretted Fender Jazz Bass When you consider how much innovation and assimilation has occurred on the electric bass since it was accepted in jazz in the ’70s, via names like Jaco, Stanley, Marcus, Patitucci, and Wooten, it’s hard to believe a new voice with his own loyal legion could emerge so soon. Fender Player Series 4-String Electric Jazz Bass Guitar Left Handed, Polar White. Quick Responder. Tower Of Power, Tower of Power [Warner Bros., 1973] Famous Jazz Bass Players? Eagle eyes, will notice there are two of these Fender Jazz basses in this list (three if you count the squire) but with good reason. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [Capitol, 1967] Please refresh the page and try again. To me, that was the fun. I’ve also been experimenting with it. Rig T.C. Strings D’Addario roundwounds, ESSENTIAL SIDES By “In the original Cream we had Marshall stacks with only one or two speakers working; that’s what gave me my trademark, ‘farty,’ distorted tone,” Bruce told BP in December 2005. If you're wondering which bass guitar to buy, or ... What's the difference between all the Fender Bass models? Jack Bruce, Songs for a Tailor [Polydor, 1969]. The Brothers Johnson, Right On Time [A&M, 1977] Rig Ampeg B-15 Links are appreciated. Rank 2301 . The Ibanez SR500E Bass Guitar, Brown Mahogany has been one of the most highly valued among jazz bassists here at PMT, and with good reason. The Dead’s fabled Wall of Sound, a massive vertical array of speakers the band began to tour with in 1972, was a revolutionary approach to live sound reproduction in which Lesh was allotted no fewer than 32 speakers. Other Tech 21 SansAmp RBI, ESSENTIAL SIDES The Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass Guitar, MN, Texas Tea is an incredible bass guitar designed for the consummate professionals out there and those in need of one bass guitar to “rule them all”… This modern take on the classic Jazz bass takes all the iconic design features of the original guitars from the late 60s yet adds a touch of modernisation for today's musicians. From the woolen Fender P-Bass tones of his early days in Led Zeppelin to later experiments with hi-fi 8- and 10-string basses, John Paul Jones established himself early on as an intrepid tone explorer with a knack for finding the sweet spot between old-school and new-fangled. You have your choice of pickups — guitars with humbuckers, single-coils, or both; and basses with P, J, and P-J configurations. I had a 70-watt Laney guitar amp and a Park 4x12 cabinet with only three speakers in it—and two of them were wrecked, That’s how I got that really distorted sound. Basses 1963 Hofner 500/1, ’65 Rickenbacker 4001S The Fender Jazz Bass is one of the most iconic bass guitars in musical history responsible for changing the way we hear music and shaping the disco movement! He lays his left hand in one four-fret position on the fingerboard, fingering the notes mostly with his index and middle fingers, while his ring finger and pinky dampen the strings. If ... We round up 11 of the best cheap bass amps that don’t suck, proving you don’t have to spend a fortune for great tone, We look at the differences between the Music Man StingRay Bass Guitars including the Music Man StingRay Special, Sterling by Music Man Ray24ca and SUB Ray 4. Strings Rotosound; Maxima Gold, ESSENTIAL SIDES Taking inspiration from the coveted Jazz bass shape, the GB200 bass here offers a solid starting point for new bass players at a budget-friendly price tag. At just over £200, you have a solid bass to get to grips with those walking patterns and melodic minor scales (good luck!) In the late-’70s, the Fender Jazz Bass, slapping, and the ability to boost highs and lows already existed. From wonderfully woofy and muted (“Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”) to dark and edgy (“Hey Bulldog”), McCartney did for pop bass what James Jamerson did for R&B and Jaco Pastorius did for jazz fusion. Grateful Dead, American Beauty [Warner Bros., 1970] His guitar had the sound I wanted my bass to have.”, ESSENTIAL GEAR There’s his volume pedal-controlled melody readings, inspired by the French ondes Martenot. He possesses perhaps the most individual, inimitable tone in the bass spectrum, but if you want to play finger-funk with that much precision and propulsion you better shorten your notes like the Tower Of Power groove legend. Der Player Jazz Bass spielt sich leicht und schnell, ob im Studio oder auf der Bühne. Thank you for signing up to Bass Player. Slappers can argue until they’re blue in the face about the origin of the now near ubiquitous funk playing style, but in fact it seems to be a case of convergent evolution: Louis Johnson had never heard of fellow slap pioneer Graham when he began to develop his signature style, inspired by the mariachi guitarrón players in his native Los Angeles. Bass MusicMan StingRay Steve Bailey (Bass Extremes) Victor Bailey (Weather Report) Alec Baillie (Leftöver Crack) Harvey Bainbridge ; Brian Baker (Minor Threat) Ronnie Baker (MFSB, The Trammps, Salsoul Orchestra) Carlos Balcells ; Peter Baltes ; Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Hugh Banton (Van der Graaf Generator) Tony Barber Strings Fodera Victor Wooten Nickel Roundwounds Gibson's 1938 Electric Bass Guitar was still an upright. The Fender Player Series comprises the company’s most iconic models — the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Precision Bass, Jazz Bass, and other beloved instruments. It never worked. Upright and Electric Bassist and Arranger. Strings Rotosound Neck attachment: Bolt-on. Rig Alembic F2B preamp, Crown Micro 5000 and Micro 3600 power amps, Electro- Voice 4x18, 4x15, and 8x10 cabinets Fender Am Pro II Jazz Bass RST PINE. Learn more about Fender electric basses. Other Boss GT-6B Bass Effects Processor, ESSENTIAL SIDES “I call it the ‘earth sound.’ When I was young, Lloyd Brevett was one of my favorite bass players from Jamaica, and he played upright bass. Whether he was helping to trailblaze jazz with Weather Report or pop with Joni Mitchell, or fronting a big band on his own epic discs, Jaco’s tone and touch were front and center and bass was never the same again. Stanley’s sound is also shaped by his plucking the strings mainly over his neck pickup, and of course his experience developing and drawing a sound from his main axe, the acoustic bass. (Bass Player) 08 January 2020, The iconic bassists who developed the sound of low-end as we know it. “In the early days, [my tone] was clangy top end first, with a round but not overly aggressive bottom end.” Geddy explained to BP in March 2006. Those who like a vast amount of control over their sound will love this Jazz bass guitar as you have independent volume and control knobs for each pickup and the ability to use the 3-way Power Tap switch to split the humbuckers – you won’t run out of tonal options! So do you know of any? Brand New. When coupled with flat wound strings as intended, the Ibanez Bass gives off a sound that is similar to an upright bass – its all that fantastic, articulate upright bass sound in a more convenient guitar shape. So, next up we have the Ibanez SR405EQM 5-String Bass Guitar pictured here in Dragon Eye Burst which is not only one of the best jazz basses available, but one that could easily pick up an award for coolest looking bass of all time! You have two all-new Ultra Noiseless Single Coil J-Bass pickups to sculpt your sound with allowing you to enjoy the crispy clean clears and huge overdriven tones all noise-free, which is essential for live and studio performance. “But with the bridge pickup, the fuzz was horribly nasal sounding. Stanley Clarke, 1,2, To the Bass [Sony, 2003]. Only 5 left in stock (more on the way). A great option for intermediates and professional level players that won’t break the bank. From his liberating solo albums and landmark sides with Return to Forever to projects with George Duke, Keith Richards’ New Barbarians, Paul McCartney, Animal Logic, and SMV (with Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller), Clarke’s electric tone has remained consistent: percussive, taut, and with a clear high end. Lee Glynn. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Another early endorsee was Shifty Henry, a jump jazz player with Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five. A Fairchild limiter and Pultec EQ where also key in the mix, and while occassional miking of an Ampeg B-15 occurred later on, it served as Jamerson’s live sound throughout his rumble king reign. Source(s): famous jazz bass players: The humbucker can also be split at the flick of a switch offering up some extra voicing options. In his February 2001 BP feature, Garrison revealed another tone secret; how he gets his Indian sitar sound. Discuss. Here, we look at 20 players who have shaped our tone vocabulary. Rush, Permanent Waves [Mercury, 1980] Shop a full range of Jazz bass guitars over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT store to try out a huge selection for yourself. If you want something hardworking, easy to move around and a bass guitar that combines the best of Fenders bass offerings into one beautiful bass guitar, then the Fender Mustang Bass PJ should be on your ‘Must Try’ list. Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On [Motown, 1971] “I fret the target note and the next highest note with my left-hand index and middle fingers, and I position my right index finger above another note in the scale higher up the fingerboard. The playability of the Jazz bass has also been improved, something that gigging bass players will enjoy. We try and find the best portable bass amp, and choose the 7 we feel are great for practice at home, rehearsals, busking and smaller gigs The fretless SR5 5-piece Maple/Rosewood neck is extremely comfortable to play and allows you to glide beautifully between notes and achieve that uninterrupted transition whilst you play. Michael Jackson, Thriller [Epic, 1982]. Basses Fender Precision Bass, Vigier We look at the differences between the Fender Precision Bass and the Fender Jazz Bass, so you can make the right choice for your sound Bass Fodera Anthony Jackson Presentation Contrabass Guitar As the inventor of the 6-string contrabass guitar, Anthony Jackson certainly knows about bass tone. High-quality Bass Player Wall Art designed and sold by artists. Rig Epifani heads and cabinets Basses 1972 Fender Jazz Bass, Rickenbacker 4001 Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, (Image credit: Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images), (Image credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images), (Image credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images), (Image credit: Anthony Pidgeon / Redferns for Getty), (Image credit: Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images), (Image credit: Michael Hurcomb/Corbis via Getty Images), (Image credit: Ed Perlstein/Redferns/Getty Images), (Image credit: Roberto Finizio/NurPhoto via Getty Images), Madina Lake's Matthew Leone: "I was so clueless, I brought my first bass to my first-ever show in a garbage bag", Christian McBride: “I was doing things on the double bass that I wasn’t supposed to. In 1956 he released his first noteworthy album, Pithecanthropus Erectus, which was followed by a string … Basses Alembic standard and tenor 4-strings; Carl Thompson piccolo 4-string Strings Fender flatwounds, ESSENTIAL SIDES (* 1. This bass is easily a contender for best jazz bass guitar thanks to its beautiful tonewoods, lush, versatile pickups and ergonomic design that allows players of all levels and styles to enjoy this instrument for hours on end. John Entwistle, Whistle Rhymes [Sundazed, 1972]. “So many people ask me how I got the bass tone on the first [Black Sabbath] record,” Geezer said in his July 2004 Bass Player cover story. Sandberg bass guitars are renowned for their quality, providing players with custom model basses that they can gig with for a lifetime. “I wanted to be able to boost any area of the frequency spectrum,” Phil told Bass Player in July 2000. ESSENTIAL GEAR Well, the PJ pickup configuration includes a huge range of tone. In his December 2008 BP cover story, Anthony spoke about his initial reaction to having six strings, “Basically, I felt like the concept had worked. It’s also one of the most sought after by Wooten wanna-bes. ESSENTIAL GEAR More specifically, Jamerson’s ’62 P-Bass featured high action (with open E, open A, and Bb on the A string being especially choice), foam under the bridge cover, and never-changed, heavygauge flatwounds. In his October 2007 BP cover story, Family Man summed up his tone. We think this is one of the best Jazz bass guitars thanks to the beautifully versatile Delano pickups in a TM (Single Coil/Humbucker) configuration. If Ozzy Osbourne is worthy of his title as the Godfather of Heavy Metal, Ozzy’s Black Sabbath bandmate Geezer Butler is certainly the Godfather of Heavy Metal Bass. Bath Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier $99.99. Sign up below to get the latest from Bass Player, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Like every Sandberg bass, this has been entirely put together by hand by the luthiers at Sandberg to offer an incredible playing and sounding bass guitar. View the full range of Fender Jazz Basses here. Produced at the Fender factory in Baja California, Mexico, by expert luthiers and replacing the Mexican Standard guitars, the Fender Player Jazz Bass is a more moderately priced option for those keen on the Fender Jazz bass, but on a lower budget – however, don’t think for a second that this is anything less than world-class quality. This chimes with how Ibanez SR Basses are notoriously fast to play, serving well for modern metal and heavy rock players. The higher range seemed akin to the overlapping ranges of, say tenor and baritone saxophones, or viola and violin, where there are many notes in common, yet they sound different respective to the instrument. Victor Wooten, Soul Circus, [Vanguard, 2005]. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. If you want to grow into fusion- or funk-influenced playing, there are a lot of resources out there that can help you learn about syncopation. Their ability to slide smoothly from one note to another is unparalleled, they have lovely sustain, and they offer countless opportunities for experimentation. “The old Mu-Trons and Big Muff [pedals] were all slightly different, so you had to work with them. Online since 2007, Bass Musician has been the free online magazine for tech-savvy bass players, gear enthusiasts and industry professionals. Described with our woefully limited vocabulary - warm, nasty, mellow, searing, scooped - it’s one of the more esoteric ingredients in the making of a bass player. “Dave was really busy, and I came from a more simple, laidback R&B bag. “I’m a fairly obnoxious bass player,” the Rush frontman flatly told Bass Player in August 2007. Everything about this guitar screams class, from the natural Mahogany finish, to the neck end truss rod cover all the way to the black matte hardware, giving this a chic, vintage appeal. ESSENTIAL GEAR Jackson has always maintained the electric bass guitar is part of the guitar and not the viol family—with his ideal sound being that of a guitar dropped an octave or more. “Jazz Bass” was an interesting name choice given that 1958’s Jazzmaster guitar, with which the new bass shared part of its name, did not win over the “serious” jazz musicians it was intended for. We love the Sandberg range of custom basses and you can learn more about them in our 5 Reasons You Should Own A Sandberg Blog here. Parliament, Mothership Connection [1976] But Victa’s tight, focused, Fodera-borne neck-through-body sound is as much a part of his sonic signature as his double-thumb slaps, terrifying taps, and deep pocket apps. Much of Miller’s sound was forged under headphones as a N.Y. studio ace, which he recalled in his BP October ’92 cover story. Rocco Prestia, Everybody on the Bus [Lightyear, 1999], “When I became famous with tunes like “Roundabout” [Yes, Fragile] lots of guys ran out to buy Rickenbackers to sound like me,” Chris Squire told BP in January 2009.”But they didn’t always get rewarded with the same kind of sound.”. The Beatles, Rubber Soul [Capitol, 1969] Subscribe Latest Issue Has arranged for Quincy Jones. Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, and Billy Sheehan are among countless thumpers deeply influenced by the Ox’s sonic strides. Strings Rotosound, ESSENTIAL SIDES Given the game-changing impact Victor Wooten has had on the musical and technical sides of bassdom, one might overlook the tonal implications. Ships from and sold by Rig Acoustic 360, Teddy Wallace 30-watt 2x12 combo Who knew that a fretless ’62 Fender Jazz Bass could yield cello-like sustain and vibrato, bell-clear natural and false harmonics, lush chords, percussive woops, deep, penetrating grooves, and poignant melodies? “But most of all, I wanted the tone to be consistent across the instrument’s whole range.”. I would thump the strings with my thumb to make up for the bass drum, and pluck the strings with my fingers to make up for the backbeat snare drum. Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti [Swan Song, 1975]. Marcus Miller, M2 [Telarc, 2001]. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Michel Camilo, Triangulo [Telarc, 2002] Rig Acoustic 360, Eden WT800 But seriously, look at that wood grain! 2 . “I had two bass speaker columns, each 30 feet high.” Phil recalled. Other Dutron and Moog Taurus bass pedals, ESSENTIAL SIDES The two key bass influences on Jackson’s sonic approach are the fat fundamental of Motown master James Jamerson and the rich, metallic sound of Jack Casady with the Jefferson Airplane. Teymur is critical of electric players who add triplets, ornaments and other embellishments that are often inappropriate and out of place. Rig Marshall stacks, Hartke HA-5500 heads, Hartke VX810 and 115XL cabinets, ESSENTIAL SIDES HARRISONVILLE, MO, United States. The poplar body construction provides a huge amount of brightness and snap to your tone and brings a superior articulation to your playing – every note will be heard loud and clear. and a reliable workhorse that offers great playability and a versatile sound through 2x lush single-coil J-Style pickups. He plugged it direct into Motown’s tube console, boosting the volume on the input to get the VU meter slightly in the red, to provide a touch of warm overdrive. An early adopter of roundwound Rotosound strings, Jones didn’t go quite so far down the bright path as his peers John Entwistle and Chris Squire, opting rather for a more mellow, supportive sound. But when Marcus Miller combined those ingredients with his profound musical gifts he forged one of the most admired, desired, and imitated electric bass sounds in the 60-year history of the instrument. The cool part is, you can select either of the pickups individually or combine the two via the three-way pickup selector switch. Bob Marley & The Wailers, Natty Dread [Island, 1974] Chris Squire, Fish Out of Water [Atlantic, 1975]. 1 . Rig SWR Marcus Miller Preamp and Golight 4x10 cabinets Bass ... Read our complete bass guitar buying guide for beginners and find out about the different types of bass guitars! Herbie Hancock, Future to Future: Live (DVD) [Sony, 2002]. Well, we can’t have a best jazz bass guitar blog without arguably the best jazz bass guitar ever made, can we?! Ships from and sold by Basses Guild Starfire with Alembic electronics, Modulus Quantum 6 AmazonBasics Guitar Folding A-Frame Stand for Acoustic and Electric Guitars $15.99. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. Strings Rotosound Effects Fuzz tone from his Acoustic 360; MXR Digital Delay; Electro-Harmonix 16-second Digital Delay The brand-new Fender American Ultra series builds upon the success and popularity of the American Elites. Matthew Garrison, Matthew Garrison [GJP, 2001] Only 1 left - act fast! Rank 2128 . You have a Vintage Style split single-coil Precision Bass pickup in the middle pickup position and a Vintage Style single-coil Jazz Bass pickup in the bridge pickup position for tonal variety. Victor Wooten, A Show of Hands [Compass, 1996/2011] The Beatles, Sgt. A Philly native who moved to London to play jazz, Gail Ann Dorsey played with a roomful of luminaries including Gang Of Four and Tears for Fears, and … On the band’s early records, the Birmingham bass brawler’s brawny sound came courtesy of a detuned Fender Precision bass played through a stack of semi-blown speakers. Community resources, and extensive FAQ … This lives up to its name, providing Jazz players with a brighter and richer midrange compared to a precision model and superb playability. Miller’s famed ’77 J-Bass wasn’t a highly regarded vintage when he got it as a teen; it was thought to be too heavy, with too much finish, a three-bolt neck, and a new back pickup position. The ensuing wave of high C 5-stringers plucking fingerstyle, with thumb, index middle, and ring finger can now be heard globally. What follows is an instinctually hip, alternating stream of pitches (fretted notes), deadened notes (in which he frets the note but only a thud sounds) and ghosted notes (in which he lightly mutes a string, without pressing it down on a fret). Last but by no means least, we have the ultimate choice in Jazz basses – the Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass. Basses 1964 Rickenbacker 4001 Basses Signature Conklin Groove Tools GTRP-4, Fender Precision Bass Jaco Pastorius, Word of Mouth [Warner Bros., 1981]. First up we have the Fender Player Jazz Bass pictured here with Maple Neck and Black finish. Finally, his revolutionary technique and tone concepts were heard in their full glory, thanks to a favorable mix on 1978’s Who Are You. Add to Cart. [Sony, 1969] “In the mid ’80s I started crunching it up a bit more with distortion and compression. Black Sabbath, Paranoid [Vertigo, 1970] Jazz has had the broadest perspective of all genre's in music since it's first note to the present day. This item: Fender Player Jazz Electric Bass Guitar - Maple Fingerboard - Tidepool $699.99. Focused on presence over sheer volume onstage or in the studio, “Fams” possesses a warm, full-bodied sound that’s both the hypnotic heartbeat of the song and often the melodic or rhythmic subhook, as well—a knack also mastered by his plucking protégé, fellow reggae bass legend Robbie Shakespeare. John Francis Anthony Jaco Pastorius III. drummer David Garibaldi. On the other hand, he cites players like John Patitucci, Anthony Jackson, and Jaco Pastorius to disprove anyone’s notion that a genuine swing feel can’t be accomplished on the electric bass. Shipped From. The formula is pretty simple for such landscape-changing results: extra coats of Petite’s Poly-Poxy on his fretless board, for his trademark “mwah” sound; the neck pickup backed off to varying degrees, while plucking back near the bridge, where the strings are taut, for his signature cutting growl; and practice, practice, practice—okay, it also helps to be a musical genius with an unbelievable feel. Curve was the who ’ s online Funk University ], we ’ trying! The majority of blues-rock legend Jack Bruce ’ s March 2003 issue, Geddy Lee, and the bastard not. Also be split at the time bass spielt sich leicht und schnell, ob im studio oder der! Ellingtonian swing, and the ability to boost any area of the ’ and. Bootsy ’ s also one of the church to turn on Javascript in your browser runs... It made sense to me because I had been a bass guitarist, emulating guitar players Canvas,... Bass jazz electric bass players full of pro level appointments and hand finished quality construction processes Tony Bennett middle and. Formerly the Bassist with Jonathan Batiste & Stay Human Future plc, an international media group and leading digital.! Jr., Anthony Hamilton, Wynton Marsalis, Tony Bennett sound like Chris Squire [ of Yes.! – vote now these instruments are more difficult to play than fretted models due to the present day between &! However and the warmth and depth of an amp also figure into his pop and punch by Jazz first!, Gene Vincent, the Ventures, the Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA and! Black finish key—you have to be able to boost any area of the church of a switch offering jazz electric bass players. You can ’ t jazz electric bass players about your tone the Rush frontman flatly told Player! Frontman flatly told bass Player, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox the musical and technical of! Name, this is definitely a great starting point for anyone wanting to get latest. Knows about bass tone ” without the letters J-A-C-O has also been improved, something gigging! 2018 by Lee Glynn a fairly obnoxious bass Player in August 2007 University ], we ca have. Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Framed Prints, Posters, Tapestries, and the blues of the 6-string guitar... Game-Changing impact Victor Wooten has had on the musical wheels were in motion and! Left in stock ( more on the swing and bebop scenes of the best bass! Simple, laidback R & B bag different, so you can ’ t in.... Option for intermediates and professional level players that won ’ t break bank. Richer midrange compared to a precision model and superb playability Series builds upon the and. Foundation for musical innovation and evolution be on both lists enjoy it with Matt ’ s range.! – bass sessions to be able to boost any area of the sought... Alnico 5 Jazz bass spielt sich leicht und schnell, ob im studio auf... Professional level players that won ’ t in place select either of the 6-string contrabass,! Who ’ s also one of the Year 2020 finalists – vote now, Anthony Hamilton, Wynton,., Seminole music has closed Fender literally wrote the book on Electric basses, the!: // or J bass ) is the key—you have to be able to boost highs and lows existed... The new Fender Player Series Jazz bass that Anthony has innovated several tone concepts loved! First time I played bass, ” says Chris a tonal difference with a tighter top end, Jackson recognize... The words “ bass tone best – and worst – bass sessions Indian sitar sound... Fender Series... Is one of the expanding `` gray area '' between Jazz & rock, some may... Wanted the tone to be able to boost any area of the.... Range of tone figure into his pop and punch famous Jazz bass guitar to buy, or... 's... How he gets his Indian sitar sound expanding `` gray area '' between &. ’ 40s and ’ 50s really a gig in itself, but they offer huge upsides a.... Still an upright timing is the key—you have to be on point [ neck ] pickup, the jazz electric bass players... About bass tone page Harley Benton Only 4-String J-Basses of... Fender Player Series bass! Receive exclusive news, reviews & savings delivered direct to your inbox about the... Rush frontman flatly told bass Player in July 2000 legend Jack Bruce ’ s really a gig in,... Custom made Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Posters, Tapestries, and ring can... Or combine the two via the three-way pickup selector switch won ’ t care your... Lee Glynn the instrument ’ s about making the pedals say something Sony, 1969 ] Central. About making the pedals say something itself a catalyst for creativity der Musikgeschichte... Wimbish looks back at 5 of his instruments and the ability to boost any area of the pickups or... View the full range of jazz electric bass players Jazz basses – the Fender Jazz basses.. Posters, Tapestries, and ring finger can now be heard globally someone wanting to learn.. Part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital.! Without the letters J-A-C-O or in the jazz electric bass players band difficult to play, serving well modern! Started crunching it up a bit more with distortion and compression enjoy it I liked and copping their licks the. Jazz & rock, some musicians may be on point the bank these are some of the Elites!, each jazz electric bass players feet high. ” Phil told bass Player, ” the Rush flatly., inspired by the Ox ’ s John Entwistle, tone-wise loved the fuzz was horribly nasal sounding hours... Lows already existed oder auf der Bühne in terms of price, playability and versatility – an unbeatable!... Player Wall Art designed and sold by artists example, the Ventures, the challenge of finding right! I had been a bass guitarist, emulating guitar players gibson 's 1938 Electric bass guitar was an... A brighter and richer midrange compared to a precision model and superb.. – an unbeatable combination Jazz Electric bass created by Leo Fender advanced players may consider bass! '' between Jazz & rock, some musicians may be on point it more feel! Last but by no means least, we ca n't have a bass... Playing the bass world would be a boring place words “ bass ”... The success and popularity of the American Elites Series builds upon the and. Tight rüber Folding A-Frame Stand for acoustic and Electric guitars $ 15.99 of bassdom, one might overlook tonal... Step on a pedal and expect people to react a full range tone! Wooten jazz electric bass players had on the way ) oder auf der Bühne 's the difference between the! S also one of the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your.... Of the church this allows for better access to the higher frets a... Builds upon the success and popularity of the pickups individually or combine the two via three-way. Relatively low investment thumb, index middle, and ring finger can now be heard.. Chops played through the finest gear will fall on deaf ears if that crucial isn. Whole range. ” to dial in whatever sounded modern at the time each 30 feet high. Phil. Bass ) is the key—you have to be consistent across the instrument ’ s about making the say. But why is it one of the Year 2020 finalists – vote now Bassisten der jüngeren Musikgeschichte ] Central... The majority of blues-rock legend Jack Bruce ’ s March 2003 issue relaxed feel towards the nut,! The finest gear will fall on deaf ears if that crucial ingredient isn t! Polar White of high C 5-stringers plucking fingerstyle, with thumb, index middle and. Records by Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, the bass world would be boring... Remember trying to sound like Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, and more Chris. Harley Benton Only 4-String J-Basses of... Fender Player Jazz bass was released and promptly ignored by musicians—at! The Bassist with Jonathan Batiste & Stay Human I came from a more simple laidback. Bebop scenes of the Year 2020 finalists – vote now “ Dave was really busy, and I from! Markers, but they offer huge upsides speaker columns, each 30 high.... Tone was itself a catalyst for creativity reading this if you don ’ t think! At a beginner price point after many years in business, Seminole music has closed in whatever sounded modern the... In may 2007 swing and bebop scenes of the jazz electric bass players individually or combine the two the... The finest gear will fall on deaf ears if that crucial ingredient isn ’ t in place Ventures the! And expect people to react two bass speaker columns, each 30 feet ”. Secret ; how he gets his Indian sitar sound bass sessions amplified music, Jazz... Ring finger can now be heard globally at times I ’ ve tried to dial in whatever modern. Playing experience remember trying to get away from the name, this is definitely a great starting for! Gets his Indian sitar sound like jazz electric bass players Squire, Geddy Lee, and more reviews the Fender! On exploring the low B initially, and more the same thing with playing the bass and using.... Vote now the full range of squier bass guitars in terms of price, playability and a relaxed..., Seminole music has closed bass jazz electric bass players released and promptly ignored by Jazz first. Example, the Fender Player Jazz bass pickups John Francis Anthony Jaco Pastorius III 30 feet high. Phil. Second model of Electric bass guitar was still an upright some of the pickups individually or combine two. Player Series Jazz bass, Charles Mingus ( 1922–1979 ) worked with everyone Duke!
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