Female zookeeper, 55, is killed by Siberian tiger at Swiss zoo as probe is launched in to why she was in the enclosure at the same time frame as the big cat An A Siberian tiger has killed a female zookeeper at a Swiss zoo in front of visitors and other employees. The man is still killed, it is … The lady to whom this happened has been a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue for several years and simply made a mistake, which she owned up to. The Siberian tiger, named Irina, was born in 2015 at a zoo in the Danish city of Odense and transferred to Zurich one year ago, according to Zurich zoo director Severin Dressen. Zurich police spokeswoman Judith Hoedl said: "Sadly all help came too late.” An investigation into the attack is underway to establish why the zookeeper was in the enclosure with the tiger. The tiger, named Irina, was born at a zoo in Denmark in 2015 and transferred to Zurich last year. Zurich zoo director Severin Dressen said the tiger behaved normally before the attack. Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack Reddit– Complete Information>> The article includes the information, personal life about Siegfried and Roy, and the tiger attack incident on Roy in 2003 at Mirage theatre.. Siegfried and Roy were the world-famous entertainers and magicians; they were famous for their acts with white tigers and lions. A SIBERIAN tiger "grabbed a female keeper by the neck" and killed her in front of shocked visitors, including a child, say eyewitnesses. A lot of people in here are being so nasty, sitting in their computer chairs self-congratulated on how much smarter they are than this lady who appears to be a retiree volunteering her time to help some animals, and has done so without incident for years. It was confirmed that the man who was attacked was about 50 years old. A female Siberian tiger attacks and kills a 55-year-old zookeeper at Zürich Zoo in Zürich, Switzerland. This afternoon, Ningbo Younger Zoo tiger wounding incident. ZURICH (Reuters) - A female Siberian tiger attacked and killed a 55-year-old zookeeper at Zurich’s zoo on Saturday, the authorities said.
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